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Love that Culinary Nut.

If there is a bowl of Pistachios, I’m digging in. Seriously. Just don’t let me see the unsalted version – boring. =0)  I saw this cute idea for a pistachio wreath at Better Homes & Gardens. How cute. A natural touch to holiday decor – and edible at that! To salt or not to salt?

holiday wreath pistachio naturalMake it yourself by hot-gluing several layers of pistachios in their shells to the ring, then push the wreath onto a dowel and insert it into a planter that has been fitted with a piece of foam. I love the striped ribbon!


Did you know? The pistachio seed, or culinary nut,  comes from drupe fruit on a bush that grows up to 30 ft tall with leaves that range from 4 to 8 inches in length.

The Art of Making a Halloween Wreath.

I like Karen’s entertaining posts at The Art of Doing Stuff. A Canadian TV host and vivid writer, Karen lives for making things, and organizing things, and tearing apart things. I just found out about her unique blog and am in total hysterics at her funny posts. In between costume changes tonight and though the weekend, you should take a peek at The Art of Doing Nothing and Karen’s witty  wreath instructions. This halloween wreath looks amazingly easy to construct and goolish to gander at. Pictures are great, but the words are even greater!

Circle of Life: Tinsel and Colored Bulbs.

I have fond childhood memories of decorating a rather large oine tree with really old strands of large colored glass bulbs. The bulbs tended to break or burn out by the end of the holiday season and each year, we found ourselves checking each strand and unscrewing the dead bulbs and screwing in perfect new ones. My dad used a long yellow yellow pole (looked almost like a stretched pencil!) to hoist up these heavy green lines of wire into the tippy top of this tree so the entire neighborhood had its holiday beacon shining bright. The tree has since been cut down and new owners now up take residence there, but I continue to remember the wonderful and festive times we used to share in that house on Brook Drive. It being a night of wrapping gifts and last minute decorating, I wanted to share Design Public’s blog post on a new twist in hanging those colored lights we’ve all come to love. Tinsel garland and multi-colored bulbs create a wreath with vintage qualities and eye-cathing appeal. The santa and reindeer tchochke is a nice vintage touch, dont-cha think? =)

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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