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I am Fast Becoming a Pinning Machine.

This weekend, I have a lot of catching up to do on my social media side of life… networking and blogging of course. I’m fast becoming a pinning addict at Pinterest. It’s so darn easy to save a picture and link from any webpage. Much easier to organize then my piles of tear-sheets and tear-outs throughout my home and office. I also find it a great tool for my clients to pull together their own preferred tastes and style to help my design firm navigate specific projects with greater direction. It’s a Win Pin Win situation! For those of you “pinterested” in what’s on my Boards, check out my Pins!

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Where the Hell is Matt.

Lord knows I love to travel. Car, bus, boat, plane, or on foot – I would embark in a heartbeat. After watching this video on the website Where The Hell is Matt, I want to do the same… well maybe do the Scissor Step. Touch your heel, touch your toe.

Note: Breaking news! This video was actually a hoax created for marketing purposes… Matt was never in these locations. Sadly. But that marketing company did some damn good faking it! Kudos for technology, brainiacs, guys named Matt, and all the places I have yet to visit on this earth. =)

MBD: Coming Soon to a Home Near You!

I’m so excited. I’ve been working hard on getting my interior and exterior design business, Megan Blake Design, off the ground and am in final stages of getting all of the print material and website completed. Finally! I hope to present it to you very soon. Stay tuned!

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A Softer Kind of Line Art. writer, Karen Singh, recently posted in the Close Up section some fantastic doodle-inspired printed fabrics from various lines. Heres a quick glimpse into these creative threads.


1. Marimekko: through Textile Arts, 888-343-7285;
2. Boussac: through Pierre Frey, 678-904-2009;
3. Marimekko: through Textile Arts, 888-343-7285;


4. Almedahls: 46-3-202-09-500;
5. Boussac: through Pierre Frey, 678-904-2009;
6. Almedahls: as above. Dedar, 800-493-2209;

Improve Home Quality of LIfe.

I read this brief blurb on Style at Homes website of design at home and living well by improving your quality of life within your comfort compound. Written by Kimberly Seldon, its a few lessons we could all agree upon. Click the link below for the online transcript:

Design Lesson: Living Well by Kimberly Seldon.

Picture 1

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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