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Raising the Hem-line.

Who would ever have thought that hemp, lime, and water would make a perfect recipe for thermal walling?! We know they make a great party but the concoction is on the brink of competing with concrete. The American Lime Technology (ALT), a joint venture of UK-based Lime Technology Ltd.and U.S. Heritage Group, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois, is marketing their newest green thermal wall material called Hemcrete®. This highly sustainable product can be used to create insulating walls in new structures or used to retrofit existing floors, roofs, and walls with thermally efficient, breathable insulating layers. It captures enough carbon dioxide in its creation process to offset application, making it a true carbon-negative construction material.

Hemcrete Wall Section_gif

Hemcrete Wall Section

Hemcrete® is a blend of a special lime based binder (Tradical® HB) and specially prepared hemp shiv (Tradical® HF). Together these form a sustainable bio-composite construction material that combats climate change by capturing carbon and delivering high performance airtight, insulating walls. The carbon capture environmental benefits of Tradical® Hemcrete offer an immediate way to combat climate change.

Just a Thought.

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