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Ways to Frame Your Favorite Photos.

Who doesn’t have a file, folder, or stack of favorite photos or art just waiting to be framed and put up for all to see? My clients come to me to sort through the myriad of images and art to create focal points in their most used rooms, hallways, and stairwells. It’s a task that requires good measurements and a good eye. Here are three options and techniques to get those images out of the dark corners of the house and front and center. Beautifully.

A Dramatic Grid.

This technique is great for special moments such as weddings, vacations, or family events where a grand treatment is required. It’s also great for art that carries a unique theme. Consider a grid of three rows high by to five rows across with only two inches of wall space in between the sides of each frame. you can use a 3 x 3 grid for smaller areas like breakfast nooks and foyers. The impact of this tight grid is best with the same size frames and mats. West Elms Gallery Frames would work great here.

photo frame grid on wall

Image courtesy of Houzz.

A No Fuss Frame Shelf.

If you like to change out your photos for the season or your mood, displaying various frames, photos and objects d’art on a wall shelf would be ideal for you. Hang metal or wooden wall shelves in various heights and lengths on a selected wall with the center shelf at about eye height. Them loosely arrange individual frames in mix and match frames of color and finishes upright or leaned against the back wall. Overlap a few for depth. Voila. West Elms Paxton shelf makes a great landing. Crate and Barrels Versa Frames or Pottery Barns Gallery Frames would be a workhorse for this look.

frames and objects on a wall shelf

Image courtesy of Houzz.

Up and Down The Stairs.

This technique works well with a timeline of photography and supporting art. Childhood pictures, weddings, and family generations heighten the effect. A consistent theme makes it a conversation starter. Use different style frames and various sizes and keep one thing consistent to unify the grouting. Michael’s Gallery Frames create impact. This is a wonderful opportunity to use vintage frames and mirrors as well to make it more eclectic and reflect light into dark stairwells.

Image courtesy of Houzz.

Prefab Picture Wall.

If time is of the essence and you want something already preplanned and organized for you, then an prefab picture wall might be for you. A do-it-yourself set of frames is ready to hang with your favorite memories inserted. It requires no measuring, no fuss, and no mistakes using a template to determine the prefect placement on your walls. With  so many finishes and frame width, there’s an option for almost every DIYer. Shop for a look at The Conran Shops Picture Wall.

pre far picture wall frames grid organized

Courtesy of The Picture Wall Company.

Darryl Carter Gets Neutral Paint Right.

For extra help with paint colors, and especially those chosen by famed local interior designer, Darryl Carter, check out Benjamin’s Moore’s feature on Darryl’s six color categorys. He plays it safe with these selections, but very room can be enhanced by one of those listed. His love of clean neutrals as wall colors – for the right spaces – sets him apart from the rest of the pack. White really is a color people. Get painting.

Darryl Carter paint colors Benjamin Moore


Vintage Sunburst.

I just opened the Ballard catalogue featuring another round of Suzanne Kasler’s beautifully designed and very reasonably priced products for this catalog retailer. The first thing that caught my attention was the collection of Vintage Inspired Sunburst Mirrors.

Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs

I have to say, sunburst mirrors get a lot of attention and this desire for attractive mirrored wall art is not waning one burst. I’ve always loved them – especially since my first trip to a Paris flea market where I came across an original Sunburst mirror, considered it for purchase, then decided that shipping this sharp monstrous piece was not worth it! What a mistake! Luckily, manufacturers and designers are also fond of this classic decorative piece (Arteriors Home, Thomas Pheasant, Uttermost, Cooper Classic, etc) and will keep on creating newer versions for those of us who want a little sunshine in our lives. I recently paid a visit to Home Goods and scored a 22″ antique silver sunburst wall mirror and for the time being, placed it over my bed.

Silver vintage starburst

My Home Goods find!

I’m a fan of mixing metals so this looks terrific next to my burnished gold bed side tables. PS. The paint color is changing next week. Looks like my find was right on the money at just $24 buckaroos. Later that day I found this beauty on Bond & Bowery.

Beauty from Bond & Bowery

I love the rich gold and tiered effect, but for $700, I’ll stick with my Goods find.

Goodbye Winter. Hello Wall.

Just as daffodils pop open in Washington, DC, I say adieu, au reviour, arrivederci to Winter. Urban landscapes are changing color and there is no better reminder of the white oasis of February. These large photograph prints of Brooklyn Prospect Park does just that. What first might be mistaken for wilderness landscape, tiny details emerge and a metropolitan city appears on this print by Joseph Holmes. Although striking art pieces for your wall (especially in ski chalets and northern climates), I have to say good riddance to Winter. A beautiful one no less.

Joseph Holmes

Prospect park Joseph Holmes

Sliding Storage.

Real Simple brings us this wall storage arrangement from designer Karen Schuesller. A simple wooden board is fixed on the wall and supports a number of assorted finish wooden boxes. These storage and display boxes slide freely, and can be easily removed. They are perfect against a white wall as backdrop to appear almost gallery-like.

Storage boxes on wall

storage boxes on wall

Raising the Hem-line.

Who would ever have thought that hemp, lime, and water would make a perfect recipe for thermal walling?! We know they make a great party but the concoction is on the brink of competing with concrete. The American Lime Technology (ALT), a joint venture of UK-based Lime Technology Ltd.and U.S. Heritage Group, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois, is marketing their newest green thermal wall material called Hemcrete®. This highly sustainable product can be used to create insulating walls in new structures or used to retrofit existing floors, roofs, and walls with thermally efficient, breathable insulating layers. It captures enough carbon dioxide in its creation process to offset application, making it a true carbon-negative construction material.

Hemcrete Wall Section_gif

Hemcrete Wall Section

Hemcrete® is a blend of a special lime based binder (Tradical® HB) and specially prepared hemp shiv (Tradical® HF). Together these form a sustainable bio-composite construction material that combats climate change by capturing carbon and delivering high performance airtight, insulating walls. The carbon capture environmental benefits of Tradical® Hemcrete offer an immediate way to combat climate change.

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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