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Parent Rap.

With baby on the brain, I’m googoo gaga over anything child related that is sent my way {hold on the junk snail mail that’s filling my mailbox!}. Just got this video from my sister. Bring it kiddo!

Happy Monday!

Where the Hell is Matt.

Lord knows I love to travel. Car, bus, boat, plane, or on foot – I would embark in a heartbeat. After watching this video on the website Where The Hell is Matt, I want to do the same… well maybe do the Scissor Step. Touch your heel, touch your toe.

Note: Breaking news! This video was actually a hoax created for marketing purposes… Matt was never in these locations. Sadly. But that marketing company did some damn good faking it! Kudos for technology, brainiacs, guys named Matt, and all the places I have yet to visit on this earth. =)

OK Go.

Who says a video is not design?? This OK Go video is awesome and does not surprise me for a band who has rocked YouTube with treadmills and tricks in the past. Check it out on YouTube and keep your eye on the ball!

A ‘Real’ Look Inside 2000 S Street.

Okay. The MTV Real World crew has moved out of their primo corner Victorian home in Dupont Circle. Filming has ended and we finally get a good (and messy) look into how they lived and even more importantly to me, how the interior was designed, furnished and accessorized. I have to say, MTV has a quite a creative design team, and although I at first had my doubts after seeing a few columns and eagle silhoettes, I’ve changed my mind. Get the tour from the Washington Post here!

Aside from the interior beautification, these kids were not the best at house-keeping. For an entertaining tour of the house pre-move-out, watch these two cast members show us who slept where, what happens behind closed doors, and what stays cool in the fridge. =)


Here is the full article and video link by Dan Zak of the Post. This is not the real world for most of us! But by the sign of smiley Andrew, they sure had a good time. =)

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 8.42.20 PM

Warren Buffet Sees a Rebound!

Watch some videos on billionaire investor Warren Buffet and his viewpoints on the outlook for the furniture industry and future economy (as interviewed by Furniture Today’s Ray Allegrezza). Hey, when Mr. Buffett speaks, I’m all ears. Click here!

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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