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Simply Chic.

After my visit to Paris earlier this month, I am on a chic streak. Unfortunately, maternity wear does not exude a very simple and chic vibe. But if I was able to fit into size 2 tapered jeans (with cool ankle zips and encrusted pointy toe heels), I would embrace this very chic and simple look. I found French women wearing minimal jewelry and adornment, and embracing their inner beauty as their sense of style. Sometimes, less is more.

simply chic french style

Photo: La Dolce Vita Blog

Home Design and Couture for the Horsey Set.

The equestrian trend is quite prominent this fall, just has it has been on the scene before. Having once worked for an equestrian architect, I had the chance to rub shoulders with all types of riders, horse owners, and barn staff and see their homes and stately barns first hand. I tell you there does exists a fashion sense in the threads of the equestrian community and equestrian and writer Vicky Moon beautifully exemplifies that notion of this lifestyle in her book “Equestrian Style“. She captures the luxurious way of life with an unprecedented peek into the equestrian theme that flows through dozens of stunning residences.

Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant

Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant

I had had the pleasure of working with Vicky Moon in the past and do own her other must-read books. I may not have any Jodhpurs in my wardrobe, but I sure have enough tall leather boots to select from for my next day at the races. Add a nice set of Derby glasses, and three-horse head bronze keys from France, and my equestrian decor is headed out of the gate!

Getting Psyched and Sassy for FNO-DC!

If you’re into all things part of the lovely upburb of Washington called Georgetown, then you have to open up your Friday night to the Fashion Night Out event in DC. Heralded as an “epic evening of fashion and entertainment featuring splurge-inspiring events at over 60 Georgetown stores, restaurants, and salons in DC’s style district”, FNO-DC is going to be a fun evening of shmoozing, shopping, sipping and sashaying through the fashion and design mecca of Washington. See you there!

Fashion NIght Out DC

An Eclectic Facade Lineup.

It’s not often that one would run into a facade of buildings where four semi-attached buildings in one large metropolitan city exemplify four different architecture styles. Except for right here in Washington DC. I’ve driven by this lineup several times – blaring Friday night tunes on my way to see sibs at Ozio and hurriedly on my way to work while tearing across the intersections yellow light. With each passing, I may have glanced and noticed the contrast of styles. Not truly until now. DC Metrocentric clearly points it out in todays’ post called The Historic Modern Mix. Commenter Thayer-D details it beautifully. Mansard and all.

DC Metrocentric's Blog Post

Capturing Luxury.

Ok. Its the third year in a row that you’ve asked Santa for that classic quilted Chanel bag. Christmas day arrives and … nope, nothing. Don’t fret. Dreams do come true. So let’s start making memories now. I just found this fashionable camcorder at  Digital Camera Company. I love it! It’s called the Riviera Camcordera and it’s just as compact, quilted to the touch, dripping with metallic touches, and packed with storage as your Chanel favorite. This camcorder is eye-catching and much more luxurious in style then it’s gunmetal grey counterparts. As Coco Chanel once exclaimed. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Wishes do come true.

Jackie O.

I just came across this photo of Jackie O during her years in the White House as the First lady. American style.

Jackie Kennedy during her White House years.

Jackie Kennedy during her White House years.

I Deserve a Reward.

So a busy day at the office has worn me out. I spent hours and hours sourcing a slew of indoor and outdoor home goods for a new client. Don’t think I even took a deep breath. My eyes are tired and my mind is moving faster then my mouth. I checked my emails and was deleting a mass email from Gucci when I saw this sight for sore eyes. I love it. I deserve it for a job well done. Hopefully the client likes the design I’ve put together for his penthouse in Washington DC. I should bring this metallic grey leather wonder tote to the next meeting. Camera? Check. Measuring tape? Check. Pen and note pad? Check. Beautiful new stylish Gucci handbag? Check. Promotion? To be continued…


Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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