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Ski Bunny.

I’m off to Steamboat in mid-January for a ski adventure that’s been a long time waiting! Aside from the exercises I need to do between now and the day I snap those boots tight, I had to assess my ski gear situation to see what still fit and what I had to go out and buy. In preparation for this four day adventure, I pulled out my old stuff, tried everything on, and immediately exclaimed “I need a new jacket and pants – these are huge and so dated”. So, the shopping junky that I am, the search was on for some cute apparel that was neither black nor too baggy. I went to the local Dicks Sporting store and Sports Authority. Found a nice white jacket by the cold weather apparel company Spyder (love that line) and a pair of glossy white goggles by Scott. Then I hunted online for coordinating ski pants at Peter Glenn and I Ski Shop. I just got a blue pair in the mail from, and although they are a little baggy, I think I can deal – the weather is going to be chilly and the last thing I need is frostbite! The adorable result? Check out my new look (thanks to my mom for giving me such a cool Christmas gift!). I hope these pieces are as attractive on a black diamond slope in five years as they will look in January in Colorado! Swoosh SWOOSH!

Love this fun hat!

A sleek profile with glossy white frame. So cool!

Tried this one at Dicks and had to buy it! SO warm!

I have a small frame so I swim in ski pants - however, these are too cute to boot!

White jacket needs waterproof white gloves.

Ergonomic and lightly padded ski socks. Hope these keep painful shins away!

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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