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Sandal Sweet Spot.

I saw the post from blogger KeepItChic about her yearning for that splash of navy in her wardrobe with a custom all blue pair of K. Jacques Triton sandal. I was just in St. Tropez last September and got fitted for my very first custom natural leather pair of Picons from K. Jacques 16 rue Seillon store. I can’t to wait to finally break them in this Spring. So, I empathize with you KIC about these sandals. When in Capri in 2002, I scored three custom pairs of leather flip flops (imitations now sold at so many retailers – like JCrew who calls it their Capri sandal. Go figure.). Blue would be a great touch for a neutral palette of which I am in the same club. And while we’re shopping, I’ll take a US size 7.5 in the Columbia’s for that animal print obsession I can’t quit (I’m restrained. I promise.). Ten years and counting.

St Tropez sandal natural Picon K Jacues shoe


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