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A Pair of Red-Hot Sophisticated Scotties.

Are these little red dog cufflinks by Paul Smith not dorable? They would make a sweet Valentines Day gift for your canine canoodling human companion. Get suited up, spritzed, and accessorized… and don’t forget to paint the town red boys!!

Cufflinks Paul Smith


X Marks the Spot. Great Deal.

Just saw the furnishing sale at If you are in the market for the ever-classic and ever-popular X-base ottoman or stool, check out this zippy red 100% linen and nailhead number at Wistera. It’s such a great saturated color that’s sure to pop in any interior space. Flank two by the fireplace. Drop one by the front entry for a perch to put your shoes on. Or top it with a Zebrano wood tray for instant coffee table. In my book of must-haves, just one is never enough. I shared a few of may favorite X-base stools in my post last April and this one ranks right up there. Plus, for just $149, gotta get it before it’s a goner.

Fabric Covered X-Base Stool, $149 Sale |

Fabric Covered X-Base Stool, $149 Sale |

London is Feeling Hot Hot Hot.

Red is the color of fire. The color of heat. The color of deep love. And now the color of London’s Serpentine Pavilion. It’s too hot not to post (rather say cool – but you get the picture). This temporary summer arts gallery pavilion opened in London’s Kensington Gardens early this summer. Masterfully designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, it is the 10th commission and architectural experimentation in the Gallery’s annual series and the architect’s first completed building in the United Kingdom.

The building’s web site states that “the design for the 2010 Pavilion is a contrast of lightweight materials and dramatic metal cantilevered structures. The entire design is rendered in a vivid red that, in a play of opposites, contrasts with the green of its park setting. In London, the colour reflects the iconic British images of traditional telephone boxes, post boxes and London buses. The building consists of bold geometric forms, large retractable awnings and a sloped freestanding wall that stands 12m above the lawn. Striking glass, polycarbonate and fabric structures create a versatile system of interior and exterior spaces, while the flexible auditorium will accommodate the Serpentine Gallery Park Nights and Marathon and the changing summer weather.”

It reminds me of those cute colorful jewel tones transparent Amac plastic boxes with lids sold at the Container Store. I always am drawn to them but have no idea what to use them for. =0) Maybe these teeny boxes inspired Nouvel?!

Container Store Amac Boxes

Container Store Amac Boxes

All Serpentine Gallery photographs by: Philippe Ruault (found on Interior Design Magazine website)

Cute New England Cottage.

I want to stay the 4th of July weekend in this cute Connecticut cottage!

I want to stay the 4th of July weekend in this cute Connecticut cottage! Love the white urns against the denim blue wall and the red and white modern Moroccan-style rug!

Have a seat in this Louis XV.

There are loads of Louis  XV style chairs on the market. I love them all, but today I found this red one. Just in time for Fall decorating, it would look amazing alongside the first crackling fire of the season, or at the head of the dining room table sitting on that zebra rug you’ve always wanted (not the real ones of course). I like the scale and the armless version at Wisteria. Crafted in solid oak with delicately carved cabriole legs and red linen upholstery, its sure to heat up any room.


Celebrate Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day! To those who have served and dedicate their lives and faith to this country, a warm welcoming and huge shout out to you! Red white and blue baby! Red white and blue!


Photo by Flobotboy on Flickr

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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