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Who doesn’t love the classic Composition notebooks from decades and decades back. The white area on the marbled black and white covers were always colored in with whatever Blue or Black pen was in the pencil case that day. Unless you were lucky enough to have red ink and maybe a Hello Kitty purple pen (why did Lisa get everything!).

Old school.

I like to see things a little less greyed and a bit more green with back to school supplies in this century. It just makes me feel good for our planet. New Leaf Paper turns over a new chapter with the 100% recycled Composition book. The marble design turns to the vertebrae of a leaf.

Cool school.

Bring out the green pen for this one.


Black Paper Towel Roll. Whodathunkit?

I was strolling through Nordstrom on my weekly I Want This and This pretend online shopping trip {yes, I add everything to the cart. It’s a pretend moment}. Now, I do this with numerous online sites, whether shopping for my own clients homes, offices, airline tickets, or simply myself. It’s a fun way to wish. You should try it. But it’s even more fun to hit the Place Order button. Eeek! Anywho, while looking for a Michael Aram olive branch candle for a gift, I came across this Black Orchid paper towel holder.

Michael Aram Black paper towel holder and paper roll

Beautiful? Yes. Easy to use? Dunno. But, do you see what I see? A roll of black paper towels! What the… I ask myself, is that Photoshop? Is it? I could not find this paper in any kind of mixed word search online. Google, Yahoo, Yadayadayada. Anyone have a clue where I can find black paper towel rolls?

Must know NOW.

Paper as Good as Gold.

I need to check out more often. Their goods go quickly and they buy some hard-to-find artisan goods for their Atlanta storefront and online shop. I just spotted these attractive and unique Parchment Books. These novels and biographies are rebound using hand-made scripted print paper giving the appearance of old vellum. I personally like the eclectic mix white, silver and gold leafed bindings. Beautiful if lined up on a weathered wood shelving unit or stacked on a white lacquered cocktail table. The ‘word’ is that they are still available in stock. Hurry up and buy before the story ends…

Rolling Papers.

No, not that kind! How practical and pretty are these paper bowls from Cuiora? Made from spiraled bands of waterproof recycled paper, these cute containers comes in lots of colors and stripes. Buy a blue one for your oranges and a pink one for your bananas. Also makes a nice accent and catchall for an entryway.

The Writing is on the Wall.

I found these cool eco-friendly abstract note cards and wrapping paper designs at Loop (while reading Design Therapy posts on Facebook). I like the simplistic and neutral nature of the patterns and soothing palette. You can never have enough notecards and wrapping paper! Write away!

Loop notecards

Loop notecards

Loop notecards

Loop wrapping paper

Literary Beauty for Book Worms.

These book covers deserve real estate on your frequented bookshelf or cozy reading nook. A set of eight special hardcover editions of Penguin Classics includes authors like Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen. All volumes feature gorgeous foil patterns stamped on pretty linen cases and and ribbon markers. Add personal oomph and literary intrigue to your home or slip a satin ribbon around the book cover for an instant is simple gift – no wrapping paper needed!

Penguin Books

Beautifully Covered Classics! | Penguin Classics $20 each

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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