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I Spy: Gold Table Base. Get out your Paint Cans DIYers!

I came across this image of Manhattan Next’s kitchen on their blog the other day (shout out to them for being tops in the Apartment Therapy Homies competition! Whoot Whoot!). I love gold finishes and thought this was a nifty way to address any scratched up table base or a simple change of attitude for your interior.

Check out the gold table base in the background (yeah, ignore foreground incompletion).

Check out the gold table base in the background (yeah, ignore foreground incompletion).

I know there are quite a few budget knock-off reiterations of the classic curved all white table Saarinen Tulip table and Ikea is at the top of that list. I have seen a few used tables on (two showing up on the DC search today!), and for the most part, they might have their fair share of scuff marks and chips. But, for $50 plus plus about $15 of good durable gold paint, you can get yourself quite the gilded bargain for under $100! Ikeas’s Docksta is similar to the above table but the CB2 Oddessy table could work as well (sadly, the Oddessy does not have that great curve in the bend of the base as shown in pic above). Both retail for under $200 brand new. Purchase a can or two of gold spray paint, either Krylon’s Bright Gold  or Rustoleums Metallic Finish. It’s good to have a primer applied prior to application of finished paint unless the primer is already in the can as i(s with the Rustoleum). Try to cover up the top part if it’s attached. Blue painters tape and newspaper works. If you can separate base form top – that’s the easiest way to go about this project. And get painting!


Darryl Carter Gets Neutral Paint Right.

For extra help with paint colors, and especially those chosen by famed local interior designer, Darryl Carter, check out Benjamin’s Moore’s feature on Darryl’s six color categorys. He plays it safe with these selections, but very room can be enhanced by one of those listed. His love of clean neutrals as wall colors – for the right spaces – sets him apart from the rest of the pack. White really is a color people. Get painting.

Darryl Carter paint colors Benjamin Moore


Ikea Hacking Gone Glamourous. And Gorgeous.

I found this dressed up dresser on Houzz when looking for storage solutions for a clients nursery (paired here with the Crate and Barrel Colette upholstered bed). What looks a lot like other manufacturers fine goods, the solid wood $30 IKEA Rast dresser is reinvented  into a high contrast two-tone jewel using just primer, a couple top coats of white paint, walnut stain finish, and new hardware. All very easy on the purse strings or wallet. Here’s how you can save a couple bucks and spend just a a little sweat creating this DIY dresser.

An Ikea dresser all grown up. Perfect here as a bedside table with the Crate and Barrel upholstered bed.

Start with the simple solid wood IKEA Rast dresser:

Ikea Rast Dresser

Gather the following items:

  • Kilz all-purpose white primer for the drawer fronts
  • Minwax Poly Shade in Royal Walnut (Stain and Polyuerathane in one can!)
  • Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove in Semi gloss for the drawer fronts.
  • A foam roller for the paint, and two brushes for the priming and staining.
  • 6 ring drawer pulls (see my selection below)

Start by painting the face of your drawers with a nice, even coat of primer. While the drawers are drying, move over to the frame of the dresser and start staining with the Miniwax. Use long even strokes and thin coats. Wait a few hours, then add a second coat of stain. Once that’s done, add the second coat of primer to the drawers. The drying time is fast for primer, so you should be able to apply the semi-gloss paint to the face of the drawers. Wait an hour or so, then apply a second coat on the drawer fronts. I’d leave everything to really dry overnight. Once the sun rises the next day, slide the drawers into the frame, and add your new shiny drawer pulls.

To match the picture above, these six shiney brass ring pulls should do the trick for the drawer fronts. This old polished brass drawer pull can be found at Hardware Hut and cost $7 each:

Add six brass ring pulls to accessorize the drawer fronts. These are from Hardware Hut and cost $7 each.

If gold tone is not your game, this modern brushed nickel drawer pull would suit the lines of this dresser beautifully for only $3.99 each:

Belwith Camarilla Drawer Cabinet Ring Pull (Satin Nickel)


And as with any weekend project, make sure you’ve got a full tummy, plenty of space to work, good ventilation, and a drop cloth to lay down because you’re about to get a little messy. It’s all worth it in the end.

Benjamin Moore Should Have This Paint!

I love this photo shot by photographer by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratel for  fashion magazine Dansk. Mostly because I love animal prints and the leopard is my favorite. Now if paint could only be so cool. Try to wrap your spots around that!

Carl Kleiner Leopard Paint Brush Design

Painting the Town Multicolor.

Shopping at Anthropologie can be a cultural rite in its own way. The buyers at this store deserve a pay raise! The seasonal fashions and home furnishings and accessories that are selected never bore – and this summers selection (going fast!) is like painting again without all of the mess! (BTW, I do plan to start painting with acrylics again this Fall). You never know who’s the next Van Gogh.

The McGraw Draw.

My good friend and colleague, Adam McGraw and his wife Eliza are in today’s Washington Post Home section giving the Post their advice when it comes to choosing paint colors. Way to go Adam! BTW, he’s an amazing Architect – I had the pleasure of working with him for years at an architecture firm in Georgetown. =)

  1. Find colors from your past
  2. Choose trim color carefully
  3. Never believe you can settle on a color just from a paint chip
  4. Try a strong color in the kitchen
  5. Get over your fear of fan decks
Architect Adam McGraw and writer Eliza McGraw.

Architect Adam McGraw and writer Eliza McGraw.

And if you are like the McGraw’s or moi, go for Benjamin Moore. The Moore, the merrier.

Mad for Malachite.

IfWith St. Patrick’s Day behind us and a green green spring (and environmental attitude) ahead, I’m mad for all things green. Especially the earthy but glamourous look of the mineral stone malachite. There is a great history behind this unique mineral. In Greek mythology, the throne of Demeter, goddess of grain and harvest, was fashioned from malachite and adorned with golden pigs and ears of barley (maybe she liked pork chops and beer for dinner?). Up until about 1800, Malachite was used as a mineral pigment in green paints.

Polished slab of Malachite_Zaire

A polished slice of Malachite.

And today, the rock band Green Day used malachite in the lyrics of their song 2000 Light Years Away, as a metaphor to lead singer and songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong’s green eyes. My interest however lies mostly in it’s as a lifestyle accent in jewelry and home decor pieces.

Malachite Side Table by Marjorie Sourkas

My favorite! Malachite Side Table by Marjorie Sourkas

Faux Malachite Jewelry Boxes | Global Views

Faux Malachite Jewelry Boxes | Global Views

Malachite and Diamond Midnight Pear Ring | Neiman Marcus

Malachite and Diamond Midnight Pear Ring | Neiman Marcus

Malachite Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel

Malachite Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel

Rectangular  Malachite Vivian Mirror | Made Goods

Rectangular Malachite Vivian Mirror | Made Goods

Vintage Faux Malachite Table from Drexel Heritage

Vintage Faux Malachite Table from Drexel Heritage, $900 | Austin Modern

1950's Sterling Silver and Malachite Tray | 1stDibs

1950's Sterling Silver and Malachite Tray | 1stDibs

Panama Diary in Malachite Leather with Wood Closure | Smythson

Panama Diary in Malachite Leather with Wood Closure | Smythson

Art Deco Malachite Vase | Washington DC Craigslist

1930's Art Deco 10"H Malachite Vase | Washington DC Craigslist

If it’s green walls that you’re most excited about, try your hand at a faux malachite wall paint treatment with this example from Apartment Therapy.

How about a faux malachite paint treatment?

How about a faux malachite paint treatment?

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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