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Uneven Terrain.

This is cool. Thanks to Charles & Marie’s Tweet about the Ruins of New York – brought to us by Palladium Boots. Video footage and industrial photos show us a forgotten place most New Yorkers don’t even know about (and we $50 round-trip DC to NY bus riders never even cater a thought about as we pass over into that skyward city). Brooklyn-based designer and all-round curious fellow Shawn Joswick put his boots on to show us the fastest way to crawl through a tiny window in the pouring rain. Follow the yellow brick road my friends…

Picture 2

Boys to men, buy yourselves a sweet pair of these kick a** boots while you’re visiting the site. =)

Smart Blocks goes Big Apple.

This afternoon, I read an e-newsletter where architect John Beckman is featured as reimagining the 53 West 53rd Street skyscraper initially proposed by architect Jean Nouvel. The site that was purchased from New York’s Museum of Modern Art by real estate developer Hines, and the current design program for this forward-thinking 82-story skyscraper  inlcudes additional gallery space for the MOMA.

Proposed by Architect Jean Nouvel

Proposed by Architect Jean Nouvel

Bekman’s firm, Axis Mundi, has created a “Vertical Neighborhood”, composed of a more then a singular visual image. Bekman tells Interior Design Magazine that “his design would leave space for vertical fissures that move irregularly up the tower by varying the mix of the floor plan units.

Reimagined by design firm Axis Mundi

Reimagined by design firm Axis Mundi

Aerial View from Axis Mundi

Aerial View from Axis Mundi

He says neighbors would be able to see and greet each other because of the open centers of the double-ring units. The Vertical Neighborhood is more organic and more flexible—an assemblage of disparate architectural languages.”

Its New York. Anything goes.

Young at Heart.

I adore Cliff Young’s fantastic design style. His award-winning New York based firm creates modern day furniture pieces that are a blended and balanced mix of exoticism, beauty, and old world craftsmanship. Materials such as zebrano wood, teak, eucalyptus, limed oak, and laquered surfaces make up a perfect suite of stylish keepers.

The Angelica Nightstand and Dresser has four bowed legs that carry lacquered two- and four- drawer tops that have integrated finger pulls and a whole lot of class.

Angelina Nightstand | Retails for $5,920

Angelina Nightstand | Retails for $5,920

Angelina Dresser | Retails for 13,150

Angelina Dresser | Retails for $13,150

Looking for as square cocktail table can lead you to a sea of square fish. Not with these babies. The Two-Toned Cocktail Table consists of louro preto wood and a quartered natural zebrawood base in a satin finish. And if you like sleek, contemporary and airy space, delight in the Basque Cocktail Table. Its square table surface is constructed of eucalyptus (who would guess that?) and shows a lay-up grain pattern with brushed stainless steel legs. Gather round… Cliff-side.

Two-Toned Cocktail Table | Retails for $8,740

Two-Toned Cocktail Table | Retails for $8,740

Basque Cocktail Table | Retails for $10,140

Basque Cocktail Table | Retails for $10,140

BBG and Sustainable Gardening.

Just sharing. Thanks to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the following links from their website to information on gardens that conserve natural resources, eschews toxic chemicals, and encourages a diversity of plant and animal life.

100 Garden Tips and Timesavers

Beneficial Bugs

Drought Response

Easy Lawns

Endangered Species

Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens

Invasive Plants

Last Refuge

Natural Disease Control

Natural Insect Control

Pruning Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Rain Gardens

Rainwater Harvesting

Recycled Products

Save Your Soil

Seed Banking for Survival

Squirrel Control

Starting From Seed

Sudden Oak Death

Water-Thrifty Gardening

Amy Lau Design.

I’ve been following New York-based designer Amy Lau for a few weeks now. Besides her terrific design talent and creative eye for blending colors, patterns and pieces, Amy has received quite a bit of press in the last two years. Since 2001, she’s gained the confidence from a client list that includes top notch musicians and hi-end fashion designers. Just this year, Traditional Home Mag, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and New York times has put Amy on their top designer lists. Her talents have now filled the shelves and shops with new abstract rug designs, funky furniture, and cool ceramics. I need some inspiration from Amy Lau. Like now. Take a look…

Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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