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Candy-licious Designs for Eco-Friendly Home.

Most of you have heard and or receive daily emails from Daily Candy. I assume so. I perused their site again today and came across their selection of 18 green designs for an eco-friendly home. I thought they were creative, ingenious use of materials and all perfect to pair with other interior furnishings and styles. So I’m sharing my favorite green finds – from them –  with you here today.

The Paperweight Desk at the Nigel Store

The Paperweight Desk made of sleek white corrugated board. I had a shelving unit like this in college. Love it!

Plover Bedding

The Bohemian bone deep inside of me is drawn to the block print designs at Plover Bedding.

old cardboard with Scrap Lights

Nothing like repurposing and turning a cardboard box into a light to behold! Love these from Graypants!

Columbia Forest Products and plywood cards

I've almost purchased the plywood Love card last Valentines Day. A gift from Plyprints at Design Public that keeps on giving.

During my Mecixan vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!

During my Mexican vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!


These blankets are handmade in India from vintage saris layered together and stitched with bright thread.

Greenware succulent planters

These Greenware no fuss succulent planters are cute as a button and great as gifts.

Open Agate.

Warmer weather calls for longer nature hikes with my dog, frolicking through dirt, streams, and rocky terrain. On occasion we come across knotty wood branches and glittery stones set in the DC regions red clay soil. Agate reminds me of these discovery adventures. Wikipedia shares with us that agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz found in various kid of rocks. Over 3,000 years ago, Sicily was the place to be to find beautifully colored crystal forms. Thanks to creative designers and retailers beyond the valleys and streams, we can find agate wonders from our own home computer.

Cougar Agate Necklace | $98

Cougar Agate Necklace | $98

Thank you Samantha for wearing agate so beautifully in such a cat-like way with this bold Jaimie Rodriguez Cougar Agate Necklace. You earthy glamour NYC gal! Maybe even better and more “POW” is this shaggy pink agate, pearl, and 18K plated silver choker from Neiman Marcus.

Devon Leigh Pink Agate Necklace | $790

Devon Leigh Pink Agate Necklace | $790

Okay, so you prefer something more subdued but equally beautiful to rest your eyes — check out Barneys for my next purchase (yeah right). A square white agate is hugged by gold band and chain. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Ghost Agate Necklace | $395

Ghost Agate Necklace | $395

Now that you’re all dressed up with no where to go, have dinner on the deck with these candleholders, also from Vivre. They will look awesome set amongst the towering oak trees and a summer Rose wine.

Agate Candle Holders

Agate Candle Holders

Bring on the cheese in crackers (love me some Chedda’). This flat slice of heaven in a cheese plate is from Jayson Home & Garden and also makes the perfect gift for a friend.

Agate Cheese Plates

Agate Cheese Plates | $60-$75

Last but not least in home decor – this agate style is officially added to my look book list. Its a mink shagreen tray with a wild agate handle made in the Phillipines and designed by R & Y Augousti for Barneys. Has an Asian ring to it.

Mink Shagreen Tray | $440

Mink Shagreen Tray | $440

And after all of the online searching for the perfect cut of agate, try these on for a post stroll with the dog and a pop into the wine shop so you can celebrate – bubbly – naturally.

Bo'em Agate Sandals | $225

Bo'em Agate Sandals | $225

BBG and Sustainable Gardening.

Just sharing. Thanks to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the following links from their website to information on gardens that conserve natural resources, eschews toxic chemicals, and encourages a diversity of plant and animal life.

100 Garden Tips and Timesavers

Beneficial Bugs

Drought Response

Easy Lawns

Endangered Species

Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens

Invasive Plants

Last Refuge

Natural Disease Control

Natural Insect Control

Pruning Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Rain Gardens

Rainwater Harvesting

Recycled Products

Save Your Soil

Seed Banking for Survival

Squirrel Control

Starting From Seed

Sudden Oak Death

Water-Thrifty Gardening

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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