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Clear the Way for this Chair.

I love lucite. Just type “lucite” in my blogs search field and you’ll have a field day of posts to read. <wink>. This crystal clear material was introduced in the 1040’s and has been a hit material ever since for interior design furniture, accessories, and even art. I found this clean lined Invisibles Light Chair from Kartell. It’s cool, calm and mystical quality would work as an agent in any room. Add an eye-catching block printed or fur accent pillow as a seat and you’ve got an intriguing place to have a seat.

thick lucite accent arm chair

cube chair lucite acrylic clear

lucite chair

Because I Never Tire of a Lucite Touch. Or Table.

Get this. Architect Benjamin Noriega is working with Plexi-Craft on lucite peices for his new online shop at BNODesign. I bought my waterfall table from Plexi-craft and could not love it more. I perused Benjamin’s beautiful crafts and settled on his simply elegant U Tea Table. I think it’s the proportions that I love. But the base had me at hello. The crystal clear curved acrylic bottom supports a one inch thick white acrylic top. Now, the price is the only thing holding me back – maybe it’ll make it to One Kings Lane next month. For a few hundred less. Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. In the meantime, I’ll oogle over it’s discreet splendor for a few more clear minutes.

U Tea Table Benjamin Noriega INterior Design

AKA Chair. A.K.A. A Very Cool Chair.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of lucite. I loved the clear Swatch watch. Had to have the clear twin phone (well, it was clear pink), and now own clear Ghost chairs and a waterfall table. All in moderation, I promise. Sold through DWR, the AKA Chair is a promising choice for seating – whether it’s dining or as an accent chair.  It is a hybrid approach to materials with a light and comfortable clear or opaque body and four strong oak legs. “It reveals a tough character without losing its image of lightness,” said the designer.

AKA Chair in Neutral, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Neutral, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Blue, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Blue, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Dark Gray, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Dark Gray, $475 | DWR

Lucite Window Hardware.

Thank you designer Liz Levin for bringing to my attention the beautiful lucite and metal hardware availble for design and purchase through Washingtonian Gretchen Everett of Everett Design Workroom in Silver Spring, Maryland. Simply stunning. Who’s swooning over these gorgeous pieces? Here to our next project together!

Lucite flat curtain rod hardware

round lucite curtain rod hardware

Deep vs. Shallow Pockets.

All you bargain hunters out there with a design gene or a hinkering for lucite will love this. While looking for accent tables this afternoon, I came across Wisteria’s Acrylic Coffee Table. At 38 inches square, and inspired by a 1930’s Lucite table, it’s a deal for shallow pockets at $750. It may not have a glass top surface or solid square legs, but it’s a nice design and will work beautifully with an array of stylish interiors.

Acrylic Coffee Table |

Acrylic Coffee Table, $799 |

Now, for anyone who plans to have and to hold a coffee table for years, decades even,  or possibly maybe pass down to kids, grandkids etc., Ralph Lauren’s Carlisle Cocktail Table fits the bill and deeper pockets. It’s a little larger at 48″ square, gorgeous, sturdy, solid, and boasts a glass top surface. Quite a bit of sticker shock (the price says up to $36,000. Seriously?) However, designers who purchase from RLHome will find it to be significantly less expensive.

Carlisle Cocktail Table, up to $36,000  |  RLHome

Carlisle Cocktail Table, up to $36,000 | RLHome

If you’re like me and in NO way able to afford this beauty, Wisteria’s version is A-Okay for now. And for years I’m sure.

Just a Thought.

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