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Lady-Like Lumination.

The Olympics in jolly ‘ol England will be soon be coming to an end… but the UK has another show to stir up some global excitement – of course it’s in the interior design realm of events. Forget the famous flickering flame and the sophisticated fashion of the Dutchess… we’ve got or eyes on the lady-like light fixtures at Rothschild & Bickers who will be exhibiting at world-known interior design professional trade show Decorex in late September.

rothschild bickers lighting pendants glass

Combining traditional techniques with cutting edge design, the talented makers at Rothschild & Bickers use freeform glass to create visual treats at one of the last custom glass shops in England. Paired with the beautiful metal hardware to create stunning silhouettes, these hanging pendants are sure to dress up any bespoke space. Do as the English do. =)

bespoke glass pendants england rothschild and bickers

bespoke glass pendants england rothschild and bickers

Chamber Music.

Holly Hunt has just featured new additions to her much adored {by moi} furniture line. The Chamber Chandelier is now on my top favorite list for ceiling light fixtures. Seems as if I have been specifying lots of ceiling lights as of lately and would love to put this in my concepts rotation. Designed by Allison Berger, this fixtures comes in a plethora of sizes from four glass pendants to twenty one. Also available in a dark amber or brown black patina. Stunning in an entryway, over a dining table, flanking the bed, or centerfold of the large living room. It’s much to my ears.

Holly hunt ceiling chandelier fixture

Holly hunt ceiling chandelier fixture

Holly hunt ceiling chandelier fixture

Holly hunt ceiling chandelier fixture

Punctuation Illumination.

For those of you that could not get those tenses right, or put the apostrophe in the right place. Or like me, love the use of a comma. Edit your interior space with a few exclamation points.. or ampersands, or pound signs. In the mood to win the lottery? Light up your night with the dollar sign. These illuminated punctuation mark lamps by typographic French designer Tabisso include over 20 marks, set in standard black or white color. Just like your 7th grade book report… with all of the typos. School’s almost back IN! Exclamation that!

punctuation illumination lamps

punctuation illumination lamps

Solar Chandelier of Blues and Butterflies.

Butterflies use the sun to get those wings flapping… as does this Virtue of Blue solar chandelier by Dutch artist and designer Jeroen Verhoeven. Beautifully made up of 500 die cut sapphire photovoltaic solar cells in the shape of four different breeds of fluttering butterflies, this is self-sufficient light fixture – gathering light into its wings during the day for a soft glow at night. Hanging gracefully from the ceiling, the delicate shade encircles a glass bulb that’s charged by the suns rays during the day to cast a sultry blue glow after sunset.

blue butterfly solar chandelier

blue butterfly solar chandelier
Virtue of Blue chandelier is part of a solo exhibit called The Curious Image on display now at London Gallery. If you are in the UK.

A Consortium of Collecting Creatives.

I have to say I feel a familiar vibe with this group of skilled architects who together have started an experimentation on combining light and left over wood. Past times rich in memories of washed up drift wood and crusty shells has now became a symbol of collaboration. The three natives of Texas, New York and Switzerland – alumni of firms like Albert Kahn, Richard Meier and OMA  – are coming up with their own solutions using their skills in proportion, dimensions and assorted lighting elements. Creating sculpture along with illumination The result is pFlume. Up-cycling and uplifting. Turn it on.

P Flume wood lighting sculpture

wood recycle lamp lighting sculpture

wood recycle lamp lighting sculpture

Boing Boing from Above. Spiral Lamp Shades.

Check out the spiral lamp shades at Contemporary Rustic Decor. These thin and flexible wood creations stretch in height to go from short and squat to slender and slinky. Now if I could only do that by shorts and tee shirt time.

Contemporary rustic decor spiral lamps shade


DIY Holiday Chandelier

Looking for a simple and beautiful way to dress up a chandelier for the holidays? Shades of Light casts a glow on this easy breezy way to get glittery and festive DIY holiday chandelier for the fa la la’s! Just go here to learn more!


Just a Thought.

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