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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose Cluster.

A fellow designer friend posted a picture she took at this seasons High Point Market showing Arteriors Caviar Large Rose Gold and Ross Glass Cluster chandelier. I freakin’ love it! The fixture is adjustable from 51″ to 87″ in height and is almost 30 inches wide. It exudes a hint of masculinity along with a sophisticated silhouette. Perfect for a tall flyer, dining room or sassing up up a large kitchen island. Finally, that pinky gold gets glam outside of the jewelry box. Who says pink just’s for girls?

Arteriors Caviar Adjustable Large Rose Gold and Rose Glass Cluster

Arteriors Caviar Adjustable Large Rose Gold and Rose Glass Cluster


A Designer Energy Saving Bulb.

The Plumen is coming to the US hopefully soon! The Plumen bulb is a visually interesting bulb that uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs while providing a decent looking and somewhat sculptural bulb instead of the ugly ones stocked at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Plume energy efficient bulb in a cafe environment.

It’s almost hypnotizing and definitely not boring.

The artistic shape of an energy efficient bulb.

The name Plumen comes from ‘plume’  which is the bird’s decorative feather.

This bulb was designed to attract attention, not be hidden under a drum shade or outdoor fixture. If you are in the UK, you can pre-order yours here – they are planned to ship on October 5th!

Bau Down to Puzzle Pendants.

This October, lovers of color, fans of shapes, and diehards for puzzles, can get their hands on the Bau Pendant from Normann-Copenhagen. It’s pretty cool. Designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg, this sculptural hanging lamp is a design study in color, composition, and geometry. The design is based on geometric circles that interlock to create a living and organic expression. Made entirely of birch wood, it arrives packed down with an instruction manual for putting together a hanging piece of impressive and functional art. Looks like something destined for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC of Hirshorn in DC!

The Bau Hanging Light Pendant

The Bau Hanging Light Pendant in Large

Lit Up in The Real World.

Filming has not even begun at Washington DC’s Dupont Circle Real World house. In fact, move in is happening later today or tomorrow (in time for a forth of July fireworks welcome display on the National Mall). Lighting experts are currently placing accent lights all over the exterior and the designers are putting their last touches on the outside dining area. But I’ve has a few peeks inside and found that one of my favorite pendant lights takes center stage in the main living area of the upcoming young casts’ home. We’ll be seeing a lot of the Jonathan Adler Parker Pendant in 2010 (when the show airs on MTV).

Jonathan Adler Parker Pendant

Jonathan Adler Parker Pendant

Two or three of them hang in front of the windows and make a great accent piece for a transitional space. Measuring 7″ wide  by 15″ high and priced under $250, its a great purchase… and I guess to eventually be a poplar one.

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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