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I Spy: Gold Table Base. Get out your Paint Cans DIYers!

I came across this image of Manhattan Next’s kitchen on their blog the other day (shout out to them for being tops in the Apartment Therapy Homies competition! Whoot Whoot!). I love gold finishes and thought this was a nifty way to address any scratched up table base or a simple change of attitude for your interior.

Check out the gold table base in the background (yeah, ignore foreground incompletion).

Check out the gold table base in the background (yeah, ignore foreground incompletion).

I know there are quite a few budget knock-off reiterations of the classic curved all white table Saarinen Tulip table and Ikea is at the top of that list. I have seen a few used tables on (two showing up on the DC search today!), and for the most part, they might have their fair share of scuff marks and chips. But, for $50 plus plus about $15 of good durable gold paint, you can get yourself quite the gilded bargain for under $100! Ikeas’s Docksta is similar to the above table but the CB2 Oddessy table could work as well (sadly, the Oddessy does not have that great curve in the bend of the base as shown in pic above). Both retail for under $200 brand new. Purchase a can or two of gold spray paint, either Krylon’s Bright Gold  or Rustoleums Metallic Finish. It’s good to have a primer applied prior to application of finished paint unless the primer is already in the can as i(s with the Rustoleum). Try to cover up the top part if it’s attached. Blue painters tape and newspaper works. If you can separate base form top – that’s the easiest way to go about this project. And get painting!

Ikea Hacking Gone Glamourous. And Gorgeous.

I found this dressed up dresser on Houzz when looking for storage solutions for a clients nursery (paired here with the Crate and Barrel Colette upholstered bed). What looks a lot like other manufacturers fine goods, the solid wood $30 IKEA Rast dresser is reinvented  into a high contrast two-tone jewel using just primer, a couple top coats of white paint, walnut stain finish, and new hardware. All very easy on the purse strings or wallet. Here’s how you can save a couple bucks and spend just a a little sweat creating this DIY dresser.

An Ikea dresser all grown up. Perfect here as a bedside table with the Crate and Barrel upholstered bed.

Start with the simple solid wood IKEA Rast dresser:

Ikea Rast Dresser

Gather the following items:

  • Kilz all-purpose white primer for the drawer fronts
  • Minwax Poly Shade in Royal Walnut (Stain and Polyuerathane in one can!)
  • Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove in Semi gloss for the drawer fronts.
  • A foam roller for the paint, and two brushes for the priming and staining.
  • 6 ring drawer pulls (see my selection below)

Start by painting the face of your drawers with a nice, even coat of primer. While the drawers are drying, move over to the frame of the dresser and start staining with the Miniwax. Use long even strokes and thin coats. Wait a few hours, then add a second coat of stain. Once that’s done, add the second coat of primer to the drawers. The drying time is fast for primer, so you should be able to apply the semi-gloss paint to the face of the drawers. Wait an hour or so, then apply a second coat on the drawer fronts. I’d leave everything to really dry overnight. Once the sun rises the next day, slide the drawers into the frame, and add your new shiny drawer pulls.

To match the picture above, these six shiney brass ring pulls should do the trick for the drawer fronts. This old polished brass drawer pull can be found at Hardware Hut and cost $7 each:

Add six brass ring pulls to accessorize the drawer fronts. These are from Hardware Hut and cost $7 each.

If gold tone is not your game, this modern brushed nickel drawer pull would suit the lines of this dresser beautifully for only $3.99 each:

Belwith Camarilla Drawer Cabinet Ring Pull (Satin Nickel)


And as with any weekend project, make sure you’ve got a full tummy, plenty of space to work, good ventilation, and a drop cloth to lay down because you’re about to get a little messy. It’s all worth it in the end.

IKEA Goes Solar with Solig.

Finally someone is creating extremely affordable outdoor solar-powered lighting… that’s looks cool. And its all from the new Solig line at IKEA! These very low-cost products run on solar cells that transform sunlight into electricity while reducing your environmental footprint. The lamps use LED’s (that means 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs). No wires and outlets to install. Head to your nearest store, grab a blue and yellow bag and start solar shopping! (Psst, between you and me… I wish there were more color options).

Solig Solar Pendants, $19.99  | IKEA

Solig Solar Pendants, $19.99 | IKEA

Solig Solar Table Lamp, $19.99  | IKEA

Solig Solar Table Lamp, $19.99 | IKEA

Solig Solar Post, $7  | IKEA

Solig Solar Post, $7 | IKEA

Solig Solar Light Chain IKEA

Solig Solar Light Chain, $19.99 | IKEA

Solig Solar Up Lights (3 lights)

Solig Solar Up Lights (3 lights), $9 | IKEA

Solig Solar Lanterns

Solig Solar Lanterns, $9.99 | IKEA

DIY: Doll Baby Bed.

My niece is turning two this month. For her birthday (and her party last Sunday), I wanted to dust the cobwebs off of my crafty side and make a gift that was unique, girly, and age-appropriate. So I did. Out came the sewing machine, vintage fabric, paint, and some tender loving care from her Aunt Megs. And look what a little love built!

I started with a kids doll bed from Ikea.

I started with a DUKTIG kids doll bed from Ikea.

Then I selected=

Then I selected a color scheme to match her bedroom and some vintage pattern fabric.

Supplies were gathered and it was a GO!

Supplies were gathered and it was a GO!

Painting floral details on the headboard.

Painting floral details on the vanilla white lacquered headboard.

Add butterfly appliques, some pink ribbon, and final touches.

Add butterfly applique's, some pink ribbon, final paint touch ups and heat up the iron.

I wrapped the finished doll bed in pink cellophane, added a multicolor spiral bow, and brought it the party. She immediately ripped off that bow and continued to unwrap the surprise. Once she touched the green coverlet, she took off the rest of the wrap and climbed inside. =)

My niece unwraps her cellophane covered birthday gift.

My niece unwraps her cellophane covered birthday gift.

She loved it! Guess it's not just for baby dolls. =)

She loved it! Though it looks like the bed is not just for baby dolls. =)

IKEA 2010. Or Bust.

The new Ikea 2010 Catalog has arrived. Here is a link to it online! Happy bargains for dorm decorators, families and post graduates alike!

Picture 3

Just a Thought.

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