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The Art of Making a Halloween Wreath.

I like Karen’s entertaining posts at The Art of Doing Stuff. A Canadian TV host and vivid writer, Karen lives for making things, and organizing things, and tearing apart things. I just found out about her unique blog and am in total hysterics at her funny posts. In between costume changes tonight and though the weekend, you should take a peek at The Art of Doing Nothing and Karen’s witty  wreath instructions. This halloween wreath looks amazingly easy to construct and goolish to gander at. Pictures are great, but the words are even greater!

Pumpkin Preparation.

I just bought a gigantic pumpkin for a smooth $6. I love holidays and on Halloween I HAVE TO CARVE A PUMPKIN. Scary as can be and big as can be. That’s the deal. I also always use a real candle to light up the inside. It’s not safe, I realize that. However, there are some ‘real’ holiday tradition’s I just can’t let go of (think gifts from Santa and a bit of St. Patrick’s Day luck). So, a flickering flame it remains until something ‘really’ does catch fire.

To get to ignite mode, I have to prepare the pumpkin on the inside. I loathe it. I gag as I heave those stretchy, slimy, fibrous innards out and into the trash. Yuck. Once I make it through that round, I’m on a mission to carve to my delight (I tend to rush through this part freehand). No glitter and paper mache Martha S. This is Halloween. Save the confetti and sparkles for my Christmas Tree or New Year’s dress.

Mean creepy guy who looks good enough.
Mean creepy guy who looks good enough.
Way too happy nerdy smily man.

Way too happy nerdy smily man.

And runner ups for this years design:

Ichabod would scare the &^%$ out of me!

Ichabod would scare the &^%$ out of me!

But then I see the black cat-o-lanterns and would love to do this!

Black Cat-o-Lantern

Black Cat-o-Lantern



To be continued. Final masterpiece will arrive to this blog soon.

Happy Halloween DC.

Let the costumes and belly laughs ensue. Happy Halloween from the Nation’s Capitol. These gals were my first glimpse of the characters I’ll see today! Gotta love Dupont Circle!


Although I am a proponent of hand carving my annual Halloween pumpkin, I have to say that there are a lot of very crafty templates available online for the unartistic, hesitant, or young carvers out there. I just found THE BEST website for creating custom stencils for your Halloween pumpkin(s). Leave it up to BHG to give us a tool so cool. I tried my hand at it – here’s my scary pumpkin. Boo!

Picture 2

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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