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House Beautiful and the Green Chair Hunt. It’s on.

Kate in her Kravet Parisian Side Chair  - Green Chair event by House Beautiful

Kate in her Kravet Parisian Side Chair - Green Chair event by House Beautiful

It’s day two – and the last day – of the House Beautiful Green Chair Scavenger Hunt. I had the pleasure of finding out yesterday morning via Twitter that there was going to be a green chair sitting in the sidewalk just under a mile from my home office. This was at 10:17. Chair drop was supposed to happen in 3 minutes! What did I do? Yes, I ran. I ran like the wind. I ran like a herd of cattle being chased by a hyheana (wait, does that happen?). And full speed at that. It sure showed afterwards. Imagine dizzy spells and panic attacks while driving down I-66. It’s been a while since I went for a run. Ugh, I was ridiculous. But back to the Green Chair story.

I did not get the chair. Kate did. I was damn close however. She was perched dead front of The Phillips Museum where the Tweet hinted we should be on the lookout. As I arrived, several 20 and 30-somewthings were waiting around, uncommunicative, as if there was gong to be some special secret drop off for each of us but we pretend to not know what that might be as if to elude the others. All of a sudden, Kate runs, I see the chair and if I still had enough wind in my lungs by that time (I was almost wheezing), I may have been able to sit on that green throne. But, alas Kate made out to the finish line and was bombarded with House Beautiful peeps hurling up video and still cameras to get the right angles for the magazine. There she sat, large smile and beating heart, on a Kravet Parisian side chair upholstered in a celadon fabric. I’m a bit envious at this point. But it’s okay. It’s was the thrill of the hunt for me. I did walk away with a neat canvas bag from a Benjamin Moore rep who appeared out of thin air. In the bag were some top notch paint brushes and the Aura line fan deck. I already have two but hey, three is a great number.

I walked home with a skip, not a sulk. And am excited for all of the other chair winners throughout Washington DC. If only I was 19 and ready to chase down a chair all day with some friends. And fight to the finish to get the throne. Without breaking a sweat. Or shortness of breath. Furniture fans will do anything.

There is still time to win a chair  – even if you’re not in the DC area. Go to House Beautiful to learn about the online version of a scavenger hunt! 

Green with Envy.

I have to say that emerald green gets me every time. It’s not may favorite color – because I truly find it hard to have just one favorite. I like the entire color wheel of colors in various contexts. I like mixing and matching. And sometimes I stick to the tried and true neutrals. But this shade of green takes my breath away every time. It works with all seasons of wardrobes – burgundies and camels in the Fall, grays and blacks in the Winter, pastel yellow in Spring and vibrant oranges and inky blues in Summer. Oh, and it’s a mandatory accessory come March 17th. =) Just yesterday, I was shopping for a client at the Design Center and picked up a sample of a bold green wallpaper. It’s gorgeous. And so is this handbag from Coach.

Coach Kristen Elevated Leather Round Satchel in Sage

Coach Kristen Elevated Leather Round Satchel in Sage $698

Solar Chandelier of Blues and Butterflies.

Butterflies use the sun to get those wings flapping… as does this Virtue of Blue solar chandelier by Dutch artist and designer Jeroen Verhoeven. Beautifully made up of 500 die cut sapphire photovoltaic solar cells in the shape of four different breeds of fluttering butterflies, this is self-sufficient light fixture – gathering light into its wings during the day for a soft glow at night. Hanging gracefully from the ceiling, the delicate shade encircles a glass bulb that’s charged by the suns rays during the day to cast a sultry blue glow after sunset.

blue butterfly solar chandelier

blue butterfly solar chandelier
Virtue of Blue chandelier is part of a solo exhibit called The Curious Image on display now at London Gallery. If you are in the UK.

Eco-Luxury on the Wrist.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And in the case of this wooden wrist watch at WeWood, it’s the most hypoallergenic and toxic free kind. I have a lovely Rolex that I received a decade ago from a family friend, and I adore it to bits. However, I think I could give it a couple of days off and flaunt my and inner green with this look-a-like 100% wood version. Is the Swiss tree a better buy? And in WeWood’s own words… this might be the sincerest form of sophisticated sustainability. Eco-luxury at it’s finest.

WeWood Date Watch, $119 |

WeWood Date Watch, $119 |

Candy-licious Designs for Eco-Friendly Home.

Most of you have heard and or receive daily emails from Daily Candy. I assume so. I perused their site again today and came across their selection of 18 green designs for an eco-friendly home. I thought they were creative, ingenious use of materials and all perfect to pair with other interior furnishings and styles. So I’m sharing my favorite green finds – from them –  with you here today.

The Paperweight Desk at the Nigel Store

The Paperweight Desk made of sleek white corrugated board. I had a shelving unit like this in college. Love it!

Plover Bedding

The Bohemian bone deep inside of me is drawn to the block print designs at Plover Bedding.

old cardboard with Scrap Lights

Nothing like repurposing and turning a cardboard box into a light to behold! Love these from Graypants!

Columbia Forest Products and plywood cards

I've almost purchased the plywood Love card last Valentines Day. A gift from Plyprints at Design Public that keeps on giving.

During my Mecixan vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!

During my Mexican vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!


These blankets are handmade in India from vintage saris layered together and stitched with bright thread.

Greenware succulent planters

These Greenware no fuss succulent planters are cute as a button and great as gifts.

Bombs Away.

Get that garden in growth mode — grab the Seed Bombs from Anthropologie and watch it grow. I love the simple idea of this all-in-one way to plant a seed without getting dirty. Soil, flower seeds, and muslin are all encompassed in three varieties – East Coast, Wet Coast and Mid-West. An East Coast gal, I’m leaning towards planting the mix that includes baby blue eyes, baby’s breath, blue flax, dame’s rocket, black-eyed Susan, gloriosa daisy and coreopsis. An explosion of pretty flowers awaits you!

Seed Bombs, $6 |

Seed Bombs, $6 |

Mad for Malachite.

IfWith St. Patrick’s Day behind us and a green green spring (and environmental attitude) ahead, I’m mad for all things green. Especially the earthy but glamourous look of the mineral stone malachite. There is a great history behind this unique mineral. In Greek mythology, the throne of Demeter, goddess of grain and harvest, was fashioned from malachite and adorned with golden pigs and ears of barley (maybe she liked pork chops and beer for dinner?). Up until about 1800, Malachite was used as a mineral pigment in green paints.

Polished slab of Malachite_Zaire

A polished slice of Malachite.

And today, the rock band Green Day used malachite in the lyrics of their song 2000 Light Years Away, as a metaphor to lead singer and songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong’s green eyes. My interest however lies mostly in it’s as a lifestyle accent in jewelry and home decor pieces.

Malachite Side Table by Marjorie Sourkas

My favorite! Malachite Side Table by Marjorie Sourkas

Faux Malachite Jewelry Boxes | Global Views

Faux Malachite Jewelry Boxes | Global Views

Malachite and Diamond Midnight Pear Ring | Neiman Marcus

Malachite and Diamond Midnight Pear Ring | Neiman Marcus

Malachite Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel

Malachite Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel

Rectangular  Malachite Vivian Mirror | Made Goods

Rectangular Malachite Vivian Mirror | Made Goods

Vintage Faux Malachite Table from Drexel Heritage

Vintage Faux Malachite Table from Drexel Heritage, $900 | Austin Modern

1950's Sterling Silver and Malachite Tray | 1stDibs

1950's Sterling Silver and Malachite Tray | 1stDibs

Panama Diary in Malachite Leather with Wood Closure | Smythson

Panama Diary in Malachite Leather with Wood Closure | Smythson

Art Deco Malachite Vase | Washington DC Craigslist

1930's Art Deco 10"H Malachite Vase | Washington DC Craigslist

If it’s green walls that you’re most excited about, try your hand at a faux malachite wall paint treatment with this example from Apartment Therapy.

How about a faux malachite paint treatment?

How about a faux malachite paint treatment?

Organic Greens.

Everyone is going green tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day! This is typically the time of year when our lawns green up too. If 2010 is your year for going a bit more earth-friendly, start with an environmentally safe way to grow and maintain a greener, healthier lawn. And celebrate your hard work with some organic green beer! Luck of the Irish.

This Old House shows us how to go organic outdoors:

1. Start by mowing the lawn very short.
2. Next, use a gas-powered aerator to punch air holes into the lawn.
3. Use a shovel to broadcast ½ to 1 inch of compost over the lawn.
4. Rake the compost into lawn using a garden rake.
5. Check the health of the soil with a test kit; for acidic soil, add pelletized limestone with a broadcast spreader.
6. Add chicken-manure fertilizer to the lawn with broadcast spreader.
7. Spread grass seed over the lawn using broadcast spreader.
8. Use the back of a leaf rake to work the grass seed into the lawn.
9. Lightly water the lawn two or three times per day.
10. Once grass germinates, return to normal watering: irrigate the lawn with 1 inch of water per week.

However, if you lead a busy life, hate yard work, or need a complete landscape overhaul and would rather leave it to a really good landscape company here in the Washington, DC area, call my friends at Wheat’s Landscape.

Turning Trash into Treasure.

We all have attics full of stuff. And it’s time for a Spring cleaning. Now what. Ask designer Ryan McElhinney. Ryan has taken everyday objects and repurposed them into functioning accessories… my favorite being the  golden Toy Lamp. What child would not HEART to have this in his/her very own room?Ryan “up-cycles” old toys, bonds them together with adhesive, and then coats them with a hi-gloss polyurethane lacquer finish. A pot of gold metallic lacquer here and some professional design flair there adds some glammed up splash to the otherwise lowdown trash. =)

McElhinney's Toy Lamp

Ryan McElhinney's Toy Lamp

Toy Lamp

Is that Buzz LIght Year?

Spanish Legs Lamp

Spanish Legs Lamp by Ryan McElhinney

Gold Toy Mirror

Gold Toy Mirror by Ryan McElhinney

Ryan himself.

PS Ryan also designs interior spaces. Get on that TOYride London!

Reclaimed a New Household Name.

Hooray! Green home products have finally established a permanent foothold in the home furnishings and accessories market. Wood reclaimed furniture, which has been around for years, is gaining mass appeal. From deconstructed buildings, such as barns, this salvaged wood is typically more interesting then new wood and attractive to home owners wanting that lived-in look so often not found in new development. I lived in an adorable 1940’s Cape Cod with two inch oak flooring that had taken a beating or two and loved it. When compared to my friends and families new homes’ shiny and soft flooring, there is no competition. Hands down, I stick with the old stuff. Varian Designs and Old Wood Co. are two of my favorite manufacturers of reclaimed furnishings. Salvaged, vintage, weather beaten, or water logged wood might be a wise investment if you look to lessen your carbon footprint and yearn to have something already previously owned or recreated from manufactured or handmade works from the past.

vintage fir modern dresser viva terra

Modern vintage fir dresser | Viva Terra

Reclaimed fleur de lis table or bench from TrueConnection on Etsy

Reclaimed fleur de lis table or bench | Etsy

Solid Recycled Wood Toy Blocks Christopher H etsy

Solid Recycled Wood Toy Blocks | Christopher H

vintage reclaimed in patchwork pattern

Vintage reclaimed Wilcox collection in patchwork pattern | Urban Woods

Old Wood Co. Butch oak iron buff table

Butch oak iron buff cocktail table | Old Wood Co.

Antique farm implements this chair

Antique farm implements as materials for this chair | Groovystuff


Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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