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Deep vs. Shallow Pockets.

It’s been a while since I did a blog post on high versus low – two home decor items with the same look and feel but totally different price. This time around, I found a table that works in a multitude of stylish settings. Perfect as an end table,  pull up liquor bar, breakfast server, or small entry console, any of the following two decorative white folding tray tables with mirrored tray tops and fancy fretwork will deliver many years of multipurpose use!

Go for this one if you have shallow pockets or tend to change up your interior design every now and then. The Country Living Antique Finish Wood Tray Side Table from Kmart is only $69 and a perfect little table to brighten up any room. I already see it topped with fresh peonies come early summer (because I can afford them after purchasing this lower priced option)! The dimensions are 28″L x 15.25″D x 27″H.

Country Living Antique White Finish Wood Tray Side Table

Country Living Antique White Finish Wood Tray Side Table, $69 | Kmart

However, certain manufacturers offer really well crafted pieces that demand a higher price point. Deeper pockets might find beauty in this White Tray Table from Global Views that I found on Inside Avenue. At $835, it is slightly larger and has a thinner frame and lighter look but in the end, its almost exactly the same as the lower price version. The dimensions are 26″L x 21″D x 33.25″H.

White Tray Table, $835  | Inside Avenue

White Tray Table, $835 | Inside Avenue

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