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Resin Around Your Finger.

Many years back while popping into a little breezy shop in the Outer Banks, I purchased a stretch resin bracelet made out of a series of milky tie-dye likes colors. I loved it. I screamed SUmmer and went with everything. Then, a few years later, I misplaced it {ahem, someone stole out of my hotel room in Mexico. Sigh}. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a replacement. But while I lay here this sunny Saturday morning and watch my dog snooze away {old dogs LOVE to sleep in}, I came across Rosella Resin on Etsy. The resin rings and bangles on Rosella may not take the place of that chunky faceted stunner I dangled on my wrist, but the creative combination of colorful sanded resin, preserved feathers, wood, seaweeed and seashells makes for an interesting conversation piece while dining alfresco at the  shore or bar side on a DC rooftop.

Pink and Purple resin bangle made with eco resin containing silver flakes with large triangle facets

Pink and Purple resin bangle with eco resin, silver flakes and large triangle facets.

Asymmetrical eco resin aqua with metallic gold leaf

Asymmetrical eco resin aqua with metallic gold leaf.

Starfish and seashell eco resin ring with large diamond facet.

Starfish and seashell eco resin ring with large diamond facet.

Strawberry pink multifaceted eco resin bangle with metallic gold flakes.

Strawberry pink multifaceted eco resin bangle with metallic gold flakes.

pacific northwest lichen eco resin pebble shaped ring

Pacific northwest lichen eco resin pebble shaped ring.

Birch bark eco resin bangle with polygon facets.

Birch bark eco resin bangle with polygon facets.

Candy-licious Designs for Eco-Friendly Home.

Most of you have heard and or receive daily emails from Daily Candy. I assume so. I perused their site again today and came across their selection of 18 green designs for an eco-friendly home. I thought they were creative, ingenious use of materials and all perfect to pair with other interior furnishings and styles. So I’m sharing my favorite green finds – from them –  with you here today.

The Paperweight Desk at the Nigel Store

The Paperweight Desk made of sleek white corrugated board. I had a shelving unit like this in college. Love it!

Plover Bedding

The Bohemian bone deep inside of me is drawn to the block print designs at Plover Bedding.

old cardboard with Scrap Lights

Nothing like repurposing and turning a cardboard box into a light to behold! Love these from Graypants!

Columbia Forest Products and plywood cards

I've almost purchased the plywood Love card last Valentines Day. A gift from Plyprints at Design Public that keeps on giving.

During my Mecixan vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!

During my Mexican vacation in Tulum, I bout a pink embroidered pull over that looks very close tot he beautiful textiles at Jacaranda!


These blankets are handmade in India from vintage saris layered together and stitched with bright thread.

Greenware succulent planters

These Greenware no fuss succulent planters are cute as a button and great as gifts.

Eco-Smart Shopping.

When it comes to furniture, it can be tough to determine what is healthy furniture and what is not. However, it’s ultra important as we learn more about the damage we cause to the environment – both important for health and environmental concerns.

Conventional furniture,  as we have come to know it, emits volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) which have been linked to cancers and reproductive discorders. VOCs can be found in finishes, fabrics, cushioning, plastics and enamals used in furniture. Your indoor environment, whether at home, office, school, or even backyard, can be literally polluted.

So here is the deal. Folow these rules when shopping for new eco-friendly furniture:

  1. Opt for sustianbly grown, solid wood and look for certification from the Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance.
  2. Buy vintage or antique as its already emitted most of its VOCs (also high quality or long lasting quality)
  3. Buy higher quality furniture made with quality materials
  4. Consider untreated or naturally treated furniture
  5. Recycle old reclaimed wood, recycled plastic, or glass pieces into new ones.
  6. Support your local artisan community to decrease transportation costs and keep a local economy growing.

Any budget and style can deliver you a beautiful, healthy and lasting indoor environment. Check out the Green Home Guide online for more know-how.

Hanging Up the Wire Hanger.

The city of San Francisco was home base this year for the second annual Greener by Design conference where hundreds of designers, entreprenuers, and earth-conscious professionals share challenges and opportunitites through in-depth discussions on the future of green design. I found from, that during this event, Green Heart Global debued their new product, the Ditto Hanger. Throw out those old wire hangers with last years pant size people. I learned that the hangers are made out of 100% compressed recycled paper and can be customized with company names and logos. 


Ditto Hanger image from

Ditto Hanger

The curvy forms look so much better dangling on an empty rod and even more functional when protecting that prized vintage jacket as well as the earth. With divots for camisoles, clips for pants, and smaller lengths for children’s clothing (hellooo Miss JuJuBunny), these hangers are sure to replace some of your old habits. We hope.

Modern Modular Meets Legos.

More and more architecture firms are addressing 21st century conditions through intelligent architecture and design. Just read Dwell shelter magazine and you’ll see some creative urban thinking. Think back to Lego days as a little kid when you tried to outdo your buddy’s stacked house. Heres another solution… prefab modern homes, lots of solutions from Resolution 4 Architecture. The firms Modern Modularare off-the-shelf materials, spacial strategies, and techniques create a whole livable space that is simple and straightforward. So many bedrooms, media rooms, even enlarged pantries make these designs so functional and yet so unique. Res4A (as they call themselves) offers forms such as the Double Wide, the Courtyard, even a Triple Wide. Customize them however you like. What’s your next creation going to be?





Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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