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Craigslistin’ It.

I’ve just managed to sell two cherry wood dressers, a lovely Pottery Barn queen bed, and now a Crate and Barrel sofa! Craigslist and eBay has been my saviors (and probably yours as well at some point). Anyone interested in well-cared for and great looking goods? Click on…

Panasonic Stereo System

Emerson Microwave

Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Pair of Creamy White Lamps

MacBook 15″ Laptop Case

Pottery Barn Pillow Covers

Holy Batman!

Looks like there is a starving artist on eBay. This Batman and Robin original painting is up for Buy It Now for the low low price of $12,000,000! That’s right. However, you could also make an offer more inline with your budget. Then again, art is subjective, so it may be a fine investment for you Jokers. Check out the high price collection for sale in this artist eBay store or click on your favorite image below. I have to say, I like his work. Go ahead and make him an offer!


Tommervik Batmand and Robin Painting


Tommervik Captain Kirk


Tommervik Star Trek Spock

Online Yard Sale: Coming Soon.

A friend has asked me to assist in posting some well-cared for family-owned belongings to eBay. No problem. Aside from the painstaking process of locating the photos on my hard drive and then uploaded to the site, oh, and nailed down beautifully, it’s easy breezy onward from there. Kind of on the addicting side as you watch the bidding take off (hopefully – as many of you Sellers would know). I was excited to take a look last week to see what I was going to be presenting to the online bidding world. So I really hope that someone out there sees value and beauty (the greens and blues are so seaside dreamy) in what Champagne Butterfly will be auctioning off starting tomorrow night!

Ivory and green aqua glazed put. Cool shape!

Ivory and green aqua glazed pot. Cool shape!

Inside of pot.

Inside of pot.

Sapphire glass ashtray. So chic in a retro home.

Sapphire glass ashtray. So chic in a retro home.

LOvely large green McCoy pottery (with attached tray)

Lovely large green McCoy pottery (with attached tray)

Imprint from company. Great condition!

Imprint from company. Great condition!

Smaller pot with ivory glazed rim. Also top notch condition!

Smaller pot with ivory glazed rim. Also top notch condition!

This one is my favorite!

This one is my favorite!

Sling Shot.

When I was a teen, I was given my very first Coach purse – a British tan saddle-style shoulder bag with a a long skinny strap. Last year, I managed to dig it out of my closet and sell it on eBay.  In its most used years, my best friend inked it with her name in blue ball point pen (thanks Keri) – but at the time, I did not seem to care. Leather is lived in and the more it wears, the better it ages. I’ve been eyeing the same tan leather now as I did over half my life ago. Sure, a handbag can dress up a room simply hung on a door knob or flopped over an arm rest. However, now I want a gift I can sit in. Urban Outfitters surprised me with a Vachetta leather-looking sling butterfly seat. Its a perfect extra chair to pull up to the conversation.

Leather Butterfly Chair Cover & Frame | $246

Leather Butterfly Chair Cover & Frame | $246

Clicking beyond Craigslist.

You know I love to frequesnt the Style, Home, and Garden sections of the big city newspapers. I’m also trying to off-load some furniture that I currently own. Voila. A recent article in New York Times Home & Garden section, called “Clicking Beyond Craigslist”, presents us with ideas for getting rid of the good stuff – more like the larger pricier stuff. Besides,, and a slew off other auction sites, Steven Milioti explains other ways to get rid of and forget. Also called the authenticated luxury market for housewares, jewelry and fashion, this avenue for buying and selling to the world is pretty and looks more like a popular online retailer. You can buy and sell here. And its easy on the eyes. Owned by eBay, this colorful and quality website, meaning ‘village’ in Swahili, is a classified advertising site. It allows sellers reach out to buyers near them to keep shipping costs low. Check out this online portal for the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops to find the closest drop-off locations in your area. Before you get chump change for that cherished and rare chest, check out the International Society of Appraisers to make sure you get the true appraised value of your prized furniture possession.

Now clean out those closets and make some moola for that summer vacation. Or like me, to buy more stuff to make my indoor life pretty.

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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