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A Pair of Red-Hot Sophisticated Scotties.

Are these little red dog cufflinks by Paul Smith not dorable? They would make a sweet Valentines Day gift for your canine canoodling human companion. Get suited up, spritzed, and accessorized… and don’t forget to paint the town red boys!!

Cufflinks Paul Smith


No More Chomping, Gulping, Bloating.

At least I hope. I just received Alpha’s new food bowl from Doctors Fosters and Smith. It’s a pewter and ivory stoneware bowl molded into a shape that is supposed to curb the fast intake of kibble during feeding time. I typically feed her a good heaping 1 Cup scoop of Royal Canin for German Shepherd twice daily. This is a pic with the whole serving. I’ll let you know how it goes at dinner time. I’ll do anything to keep her from any avoidable emergency situations – like canine Bloat.

dog food bowl stoneware

Doggy Door Knockers.

I was lounging on a boat a few months ago chatting up ideas with my honey  and I began to wonder if there was a way to get a door knocker in the exact likeness of my pup Alpha without spending a gazillion dollars. With the recent emergency pet hospital room visit (cha-ching), anything custom is going to have to go hide in the dog house for a little while. In the interim, Michael Healy satisfies my yearning with his collection of handcrafted solid bronze door knockers sand casted as popular dog breeds — mine being the German Shepherd Dog – of course.

Bronze German Shepherd Door Knocker, $100

Bronze German Shepherd Door Knocker, $100

Bulldog Door Knocker, $100 (Love that face!)

Bulldog Door Knocker, $100 (Love that face!)

Golden Retriever Door Knocker, $100 (this one is for you Julie!)

Golden Retriever Door Knocker, $100 (this one is for you Julie!)

Labrador Retriever Door Knocker, $100 (Currently out of stock)

Labrador Retriever Door Knocker, $100 (Currently out of stock)

They are all cute and sure to bring a smile on the face of any house guest, UPS man, or the Publishers Clearing House guy holding that big check you always dreamed you might win. <wink>

Sick Puppy.

My dog Alpha got the life-threatening canine disease called Bloat (a.k.a Gastric dilatation-volvulus) over the weekend. She made it through emergency surgery at Friendship Hospital and is now trying to recover. It’s been an excrutiating few days and she’s still having some minor complications but we are all hoping and praying that she recovers painlessly and is her fluffy fun self in a few weeks. She’s now a at home and I’m sure its much less stressful then the hosital. It’s been a roller coaster as well for me as I hate seeing her going through this. She’s lucky to be alive and I thank the heavens that she has made it this far. There is a bit of a rocky road still ahead but I’m hoping to see those perky ears and wagging tail again soon.

Please send any extra healing prayers this way.

Love, Megan

The German Shepherd Dog named Friendship at Friendship Hospital.

A symbol of the German Shepherd Dog named 'Friendship' at Friendship Hospital.

Hey DC Dog Lovers: Party with your Pooch

If an establishment allows dogs as patrons, I’m a regular. Often locals could find me with my girl Alpha at Cantina Marina on the Washington Harbor, or a hop, skip and jump away from home base at Larry’s Lounge for the Wednesday night Yappy Hour (Alpha get two frozen treats!). My pup is my family member and these warm days, I like to get her out and about when I can since I have to cut the extreme exercises short. Here are some other places to party with your pooch:

  • Jackson 20, at the pet-friendly Hotel Monaco Hotel in Alexandria, has a doggie happy hour with drink specials for you and treats for fuzzball starting at 5pm in the courtyard with no cover.
  • Jazz ip up with good boy Jack and the Peter Adelman Quarter at Tyrst on Tuesday (tonight!). The open windows allow you people watching and a close eye on the ground — I mean hound. =)
  • And if Saturday’s find you eventless after your pups long morning walk, head to Union Pub on Capitol Hill where the happy hour begins at noon and ends at 4pm – the corn dog buckets, Dog Tail wine, and Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale are sure to cure your nothing-else-to-do-today blues.

Fur Ball.

My German Shepherd dog has been blowing her coat this week. I finally got down to business this morning and gave her a good brushing with the Furminator (THE best dog hair brush on the market). Is this gross of what?! Is that her twin? Looks like I brushed out another entire dog! She stood still the entire time – loves getting her hair brushed. Don’t we all!

Doggie’s for GaGa and Jesse Friedin.

I have a folder overflowing with images I’ve snapped of my German Shepherd dog. I have to admit to “dressing her up” in a just a few of them – who can resist?! I know ‘petographer’ Jesse Freidin can not! Jesse is busy in the dog house watching tails wag and snapping every candid the canine clients can deliver. This San Francisco pet photographer has a loyal following for capturing museum quality and soulful images of dogs in their best expressions. Jesse still sticks to the traditional film road with a classic Hasselblad and Polaroid in tow. Featured in interviews on Regis & Kelly, Animal Planet and even American Idol, and here today on DC Design Coop, Jesse plays paparazzi in the adorable and humorous rockin’ Doggie GaGa Project using good ol’ Polaroid film (yep, it’s still around). =)

By Photographer Jessie Freiden

By Photographer Jessie Freiden

By Photographer Jessie Freiden

By Photographer Jessie Freiden

By Photographer Jessie FreidenBy Photographer Jessie Freiden

Just a Thought.

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