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Clear the Way for this Chair.

I love lucite. Just type “lucite” in my blogs search field and you’ll have a field day of posts to read. <wink>. This crystal clear material was introduced in the 1040’s and has been a hit material ever since for interior design furniture, accessories, and even art. I found this clean lined Invisibles Light Chair from Kartell. It’s cool, calm and mystical quality would work as an agent in any room. Add an eye-catching block printed or fur accent pillow as a seat and you’ve got an intriguing place to have a seat.

thick lucite accent arm chair

cube chair lucite acrylic clear

lucite chair

House Beautiful and the Green Chair Hunt. It’s on.

Kate in her Kravet Parisian Side Chair  - Green Chair event by House Beautiful

Kate in her Kravet Parisian Side Chair - Green Chair event by House Beautiful

It’s day two – and the last day – of the House Beautiful Green Chair Scavenger Hunt. I had the pleasure of finding out yesterday morning via Twitter that there was going to be a green chair sitting in the sidewalk just under a mile from my home office. This was at 10:17. Chair drop was supposed to happen in 3 minutes! What did I do? Yes, I ran. I ran like the wind. I ran like a herd of cattle being chased by a hyheana (wait, does that happen?). And full speed at that. It sure showed afterwards. Imagine dizzy spells and panic attacks while driving down I-66. It’s been a while since I went for a run. Ugh, I was ridiculous. But back to the Green Chair story.

I did not get the chair. Kate did. I was damn close however. She was perched dead front of The Phillips Museum where the Tweet hinted we should be on the lookout. As I arrived, several 20 and 30-somewthings were waiting around, uncommunicative, as if there was gong to be some special secret drop off for each of us but we pretend to not know what that might be as if to elude the others. All of a sudden, Kate runs, I see the chair and if I still had enough wind in my lungs by that time (I was almost wheezing), I may have been able to sit on that green throne. But, alas Kate made out to the finish line and was bombarded with House Beautiful peeps hurling up video and still cameras to get the right angles for the magazine. There she sat, large smile and beating heart, on a Kravet Parisian side chair upholstered in a celadon fabric. I’m a bit envious at this point. But it’s okay. It’s was the thrill of the hunt for me. I did walk away with a neat canvas bag from a Benjamin Moore rep who appeared out of thin air. In the bag were some top notch paint brushes and the Aura line fan deck. I already have two but hey, three is a great number.

I walked home with a skip, not a sulk. And am excited for all of the other chair winners throughout Washington DC. If only I was 19 and ready to chase down a chair all day with some friends. And fight to the finish to get the throne. Without breaking a sweat. Or shortness of breath. Furniture fans will do anything.

There is still time to win a chair  – even if you’re not in the DC area. Go to House Beautiful to learn about the online version of a scavenger hunt! 

AKA Chair. A.K.A. A Very Cool Chair.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of lucite. I loved the clear Swatch watch. Had to have the clear twin phone (well, it was clear pink), and now own clear Ghost chairs and a waterfall table. All in moderation, I promise. Sold through DWR, the AKA Chair is a promising choice for seating – whether it’s dining or as an accent chair.  It is a hybrid approach to materials with a light and comfortable clear or opaque body and four strong oak legs. “It reveals a tough character without losing its image of lightness,” said the designer.

AKA Chair in Neutral, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Neutral, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Blue, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Blue, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Dark Gray, $475 | DWR

AKA Chair in Dark Gray, $475 | DWR

Finalists in Project UDesign.

The there final favorites have been selected in the wing chair design competition by students of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The competition is the first in the furniture industry to “crowdsource” a design that consumers can eventually buy. For the winning SCAD furniture design student, Century Furniture has pledged to put the winning design into production in early 2011. I’m a fan of Chair Number One! How about you?


#1. Ryland Quillen's Alifair Chair.

Matt Gray's Luna Chair.

Matt Gray's Luna Chair.

Emily Carpenter's Kona Chair (the one not X'd out!)

Emily Carpenter's Kona Chair (the one not X'd out!)

Grand Finale Sale at Grandinroad!

Wire confections for outdoor furnishings have always been on my Top Ten list. I think it’s the nostalgic material, sculptural beauty and colorful powder-coated finish that makes them most attractive. The Cecelia Collection, a contemporary nod to the 1950’s style wire furniture, is on sale at GrandinRoad and would be oh-so-cute on an urban balcony or nestled among planted palm near the pool (think Miami beach here girls and guys). There are three colors to choose from! The $199 table includes the sculpted base and tempered glass top. And for only $119, you’ve got yourself a seat to sit in (add the outdoor seat cushions for just $19 more).

Cecelia Chair, $119 plus $19 for cushion |

Outdoor Cecelia Chair, $119 plus $19 for cushion |

Outdoor Cecelia Table, $199 |

Outdoor Cecelia Table, $199 |

People, you know this deal is not going to last. I know the stock sure won’t. Get on the wire. Fast!

Sitting on the Fence.

I don’t know what to think of this chair. But I just had to post it. It’s interesting to see reuse of a chain-link material that was once the ‘fence’ everybody wanted, “recontextualizing the unsung material”. This Café America chair from Grain Design is a surprisingly comfortable indoor and outdoor seating option. There is a cushioning effect due to the light tension chain-link seat and back. Custom color powder coating is available for $125 up-charge. I think it would look mod in a turquoise or grass-green. And for urban dwellers, it flat-packs for efficient shipping and storage.

chair chain link

Major Love for Milo.

I have to have this set of six chrome dining chairs by Milo Baughman. They are newly reupholstered in a colorful ribbon pattern raised velvet. There is no doubt these handsome and festive chairs would make my dining room the heart of the house (in my next home that has a dining room that could fit these beauties). Imagine what impact the space would have nestled next to this vintage teal blue sideboard! Bond & Bowery, do you take charge cards? Anyone know what upholstery fabric that is?

Milo Baughman Chrome Dining Chair

velvet color fabric

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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