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The flight of a Paper Plane.

I like the paper plane imagery on home decor items, jewelry and other odds and ends in a post from blogger Musings of Night Owl.

paper airplane letterpress card_etsy madcatpress oct09

Mad Cat Press at Etsy

paper airplane oil on canvas-joe concra via Donzella Ltd on 1st Dibs oct09

Joe Concra Oil on Canvas at 1st Dibs

paper airplane pillow_etsy diffractionfiber oct09

Paper Airplane Pillow at Etsy

Tea Towels at Bespoke Uprising


Single molded paper plane chair by Fuchs + Funke Studio

And if you’ve now got a bug to make one of your own the old fashioned way, check out the airborn options at Up up and away!

Desire to Spiral IN Control.

Bening an apartment dweller makes me miss the architectural nature of staircases. I love them all – one flight to sprial. So I came across this post from Sketch 42 and saw many of my own saved images on her post. Either way, we’re into spirals and ups and downs. So be it. Enjoy the ride.










She’s got Vogue: Diane Bergeron.

Thanks Habitually Chic for todays feed on Diane Bergeron. I like this clean and lived in look topped with a glamourous elegant touch – elements of style towards which I tend to gravitate. Her spread in next months’ Australia Vogue are gorgeous and fresh. Keep up the great designs. And I look forward to your shop opening this October!

Diane captions layout-13

Diane captions layout-2

DC Design CO.OP is Published!

Thank you Current Newspaper of Washington DC for asking me to be a part of your paper printed August 5th – in an article written by reporter Carole Buckley called Room and Board Brings Trends to DC. I share the article with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, co-founder of Apartment Therapy. It’s the first mention of my blog in print! For my blog audience online, here is a PDF of the issue – look for the article on page 13 (continues on page 17). Cheers!

Summer Art in the District.

Washington Spaces magazine’s blog offers visitors and city-dwellers in DC some local art, varied artists, and galleries in a recent post. Check out Dupont Circle’s First Friday gallery walking tour at the beginning ID each month. It’s a good time.

Nick Olsen ‘Goes Big’ in the Post.

Well known young and successful decorator Nick Olsen is featured in the Washington Post news paper Home & Garden section in an article titled “A Budget Decorator’s Advice: Go Big, Splurge on Accessories”. Thank you Nick for giving me permission to scour aisles in discount shops and the addictive online home marketplaces.

Nick Olsen

At age 27, Nick is working two shifts – his own design jobs as well as assisting New York Interior Designer Miles Redd, where he says his job responsibilities include “everything from taking Windex around and being a window cleaner to writing all the proposals for an 11,000-square-foot house, to managing entire projects. Whatever needs to be done.” That sounds very very familiar to my world and the design work that I absolutely love.

Nick Olsen Living Room

Nick offers writer Terry Sapienza from the Post his insight in designing on a dime but ultimately giving your home the look of luxury. In his new blog, creatively entitled Nick Olsen – Decorating for the next Great Depression, he shares with the world his point of view and his best ideas. Read more about his interview with Terry and learn a few cool things here.

Design Observer

My researching brother recently sent me a link to a design blog called Design Observer. Its full of post from various contributing design-a-holics. I work with an interior designer who has now owns three adorable cats and I thought the Design Observer post about Designers and Their Cats was so cute.

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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