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Vote DC Design Coop top Home Design Blog!

Apartment Therapy has a very long list of nominees for best home design blog  – adorably called The Homies 2012. I JUST found out about this today – AND it’s the LAST day to vote. Go figure. Busy gal over here. =) I know it’s last minute,and we were just nominated today- but I would be thrilled to not be hanging towards the bottom of that lloonngg list of blogs. I know quite a few of them myself and have a hard time deciding on a favorite. But if you care too – feel free to vote for ME!

Click here to Vote for DC Design Coop {scroll down to find me!}

The Homies 2012 Best Home Design Blog Awards

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my bloggin’ heart!


New Header!

I like change. It’s good. I had a few extra minutes ti burn this chilly Sunday afternoon, so I thought I’d quickly create a new header for this blog. Although I love color, I thought a neutral header would allow all of my fantastic and colorful content to shine. The background is a natural linen fabric with a screened imprint design of my professional design services logo icon (see square MBD image link at right). A way to tie all of moi in – this blog is such a creative voice for me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Sunday!

The Art of Making a Halloween Wreath.

I like Karen’s entertaining posts at The Art of Doing Stuff. A Canadian TV host and vivid writer, Karen lives for making things, and organizing things, and tearing apart things. I just found out about her unique blog and am in total hysterics at her funny posts. In between costume changes tonight and though the weekend, you should take a peek at The Art of Doing Nothing and Karen’s witty  wreath instructions. This halloween wreath looks amazingly easy to construct and goolish to gander at. Pictures are great, but the words are even greater!


Thank you Daily Candy for this tip on the travel blog Design Tripper. I love it! Blend Travel + Design and you’ve got a new fan! This blog is one of my new favorites. This team of bloggers searched out exceptionally well-designed vacation homes, cabins, inns, motels, hotels, even tents to rent, from California to Tuscany. The pictures are gorgeous and the details make you feel like you’re already on vacation. This weeks post is a eye-opener with a hotel called 40 Winks that is designed by London-based interior designer David Carter that features only two rooms for rent but an experience of true surreal charm.

Happy Anniversary DC Design Coop!

Lucky me!

It has been a solid 365 days since my very first blog post here at DC Design Coop. It was not planned to have an anniversary that shares the day with St. Patrick. But being part Irish, what not a better way to celebtrate?!

Keeping up this blog for an entire year is a huge milestone for me. I started DC Design Coop as a creative outlet and a place to post things and thoughts I want to share and record. As a child, a journal was an impossible task to keep up. I wrote in my book for a few days, and returned to it at least a month later to scribble just a few days more. It was never consistent. Ironically, what started out as a simple creative project for me, a daily journal or sorts, this blog is now a part of my life.

This morning I awoke to a gift from a loved one, a best friend, and a huge supporter of my blog. A very thoughtful gesture to earmark a feat I doubted I could tackle. With over 31,440 visitors later, my diary is still alive. Here’s to the luck of the Irish. And to loved ones you could never live without. Cheers!

DC Design Coop tshirt

Cherry Blossom Tattoo.

I can not even tell you how many web users have come to my blog searching for tattoos of cherry blossom flowers. Searches led them to my blog post on the subject matter of Cherry Blossoms, particularly the famous April festival in Washington DC. If I can’t help them, I think the book Cherry Blossoms: Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design might be the right source to go to for learning about Japan’s beloved national flower. This colorful 408 page book is sold through the Smithsonian Store and includes masterworks by Hiroshige and Taikan Yokoyama. If I can’t help you choose the right flower tattoo design to ink on your body parts, this book will surely “inkspire” you. =)

Cherry Blossoms, Tradition Patterns in Japanese Design

Cherry Blossoms, Tradition Patterns in Japanese Design

Best of DC 2010.

The Washington City Paper is now open for voting on the 2010 Best of D.C. Readers’ Poll selections. There seem to be way more categories write-in’s then in years past. Last year was the City Paper’s biggest Best of D.C. poll with over 150,000 votes cast! Everything is covered… best eco-friendly store, best designed residential development, best pho, best public pool (are there many?), best local scandel, and of course, best local blogger. I know I’m not in the running for nominations for local newcomer blogger (yeah, I just linked that =) but I do have to share my current favorites: DCist, Borderstan, HoogrrlDCMetrocentric

Best of DC 2010 The deadline to vote is March 15th.

The flight of a Paper Plane.

I like the paper plane imagery on home decor items, jewelry and other odds and ends in a post from blogger Musings of Night Owl.

paper airplane letterpress card_etsy madcatpress oct09

Mad Cat Press at Etsy

paper airplane oil on canvas-joe concra via Donzella Ltd on 1st Dibs oct09

Joe Concra Oil on Canvas at 1st Dibs

paper airplane pillow_etsy diffractionfiber oct09

Paper Airplane Pillow at Etsy

Tea Towels at Bespoke Uprising


Single molded paper plane chair by Fuchs + Funke Studio

And if you’ve now got a bug to make one of your own the old fashioned way, check out the airborn options at Up up and away!

Desire to Spiral IN Control.

Bening an apartment dweller makes me miss the architectural nature of staircases. I love them all – one flight to sprial. So I came across this post from Sketch 42 and saw many of my own saved images on her post. Either way, we’re into spirals and ups and downs. So be it. Enjoy the ride.










She’s got Vogue: Diane Bergeron.

Thanks Habitually Chic for todays feed on Diane Bergeron. I like this clean and lived in look topped with a glamourous elegant touch – elements of style towards which I tend to gravitate. Her spread in next months’ Australia Vogue are gorgeous and fresh. Keep up the great designs. And I look forward to your shop opening this October!

Diane captions layout-13

Diane captions layout-2

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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