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No More Chomping, Gulping, Bloating.

At least I hope. I just received Alpha’s new food bowl from Doctors Fosters and Smith. It’s a pewter and ivory stoneware bowl molded into a shape that is supposed to curb the fast intake of kibble during feeding time. I typically feed her a good heaping 1 Cup scoop of Royal Canin for German Shepherd twice daily. This is a pic with the whole serving. I’ll let you know how it goes at dinner time. I’ll do anything to keep her from any avoidable emergency situations – like canine Bloat.

dog food bowl stoneware


Sick Puppy.

My dog Alpha got the life-threatening canine disease called Bloat (a.k.a Gastric dilatation-volvulus) over the weekend. She made it through emergency surgery at Friendship Hospital and is now trying to recover. It’s been an excrutiating few days and she’s still having some minor complications but we are all hoping and praying that she recovers painlessly and is her fluffy fun self in a few weeks. She’s now a at home and I’m sure its much less stressful then the hosital. It’s been a roller coaster as well for me as I hate seeing her going through this. She’s lucky to be alive and I thank the heavens that she has made it this far. There is a bit of a rocky road still ahead but I’m hoping to see those perky ears and wagging tail again soon.

Please send any extra healing prayers this way.

Love, Megan

The German Shepherd Dog named Friendship at Friendship Hospital.

A symbol of the German Shepherd Dog named 'Friendship' at Friendship Hospital.

Just a Thought.

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