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Water. Color. Walls.

As I was walking to see my friend Daren at And Beige this weekend (where I picked up a lovely Voluspa Orangerie candle), I was stopped in my tracks by the current exhibition at Morton Fine Art Gallery. From outside, I was taken back by the serene images through the front window. I had to go in and see these large scale canvases up close. And now I want them all.

Choichun Leung has created these magnificent creamy, watery, glittery paintings by pouring diluted pigments and acrylic paints onto canvas. The water moves about and freely designs itsself. Sanding down and painting over again reveals calligraphic scripts and memories. They are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. I am currently selecting living room art for a client and found these to be perfect for the lofty space.

The artist explains this process in a way we can all relate:

 Our memories are not historical accounts of what happened but what we choose to extract, interpret, retain or forget and is a key aspect of our personal identity. How we remember the past is how we propel ourselves into the future, it moulds our interaction with people, current events and experiences. Some memories are shaped by language, others by imagery, some are deeply suppressed through trauma. Yet they emerge consciously and unconsciously in our everyday lives without us oftentimes noticing. They are clues to what was, a blue print of our past selves.  My work is simple traces of that activity- in the faintest of watermarks symbolic of the fading and passing of time and in the improvised scripts where subconscious thoughts emerge and are obscured.

Born in the UK and living in Brooklyn NY (where so many cool people live), this self-taught painter earned a degree in 3D Design from UK’s Loughbourogh College in 1988. Since that time Choichun has shown her talents at numerous exhibitions across the world. The mouthwatering paintings featured in this post will be on the walls at Morton Fine Art Gallery in Adams Morgan until April 11th.

Ways to Frame Your Favorite Photos.

Who doesn’t have a file, folder, or stack of favorite photos or art just waiting to be framed and put up for all to see? My clients come to me to sort through the myriad of images and art to create focal points in their most used rooms, hallways, and stairwells. It’s a task that requires good measurements and a good eye. Here are three options and techniques to get those images out of the dark corners of the house and front and center. Beautifully.

A Dramatic Grid.

This technique is great for special moments such as weddings, vacations, or family events where a grand treatment is required. It’s also great for art that carries a unique theme. Consider a grid of three rows high by to five rows across with only two inches of wall space in between the sides of each frame. you can use a 3 x 3 grid for smaller areas like breakfast nooks and foyers. The impact of this tight grid is best with the same size frames and mats. West Elms Gallery Frames would work great here.

photo frame grid on wall

Image courtesy of Houzz.

A No Fuss Frame Shelf.

If you like to change out your photos for the season or your mood, displaying various frames, photos and objects d’art on a wall shelf would be ideal for you. Hang metal or wooden wall shelves in various heights and lengths on a selected wall with the center shelf at about eye height. Them loosely arrange individual frames in mix and match frames of color and finishes upright or leaned against the back wall. Overlap a few for depth. Voila. West Elms Paxton shelf makes a great landing. Crate and Barrels Versa Frames or Pottery Barns Gallery Frames would be a workhorse for this look.

frames and objects on a wall shelf

Image courtesy of Houzz.

Up and Down The Stairs.

This technique works well with a timeline of photography and supporting art. Childhood pictures, weddings, and family generations heighten the effect. A consistent theme makes it a conversation starter. Use different style frames and various sizes and keep one thing consistent to unify the grouting. Michael’s Gallery Frames create impact. This is a wonderful opportunity to use vintage frames and mirrors as well to make it more eclectic and reflect light into dark stairwells.

Image courtesy of Houzz.

Prefab Picture Wall.

If time is of the essence and you want something already preplanned and organized for you, then an prefab picture wall might be for you. A do-it-yourself set of frames is ready to hang with your favorite memories inserted. It requires no measuring, no fuss, and no mistakes using a template to determine the prefect placement on your walls. With  so many finishes and frame width, there’s an option for almost every DIYer. Shop for a look at The Conran Shops Picture Wall.

pre far picture wall frames grid organized

Courtesy of The Picture Wall Company.

I’m Dreaming of a Seaside Xmas…

Once again, Christian Chaize mesmerizes us with his seaside perspective in photography. This new perfectly square beachy treat from 20 x 200 is available  in 11″ square for $50 and can be framed in a recommended white frame and white matt for an additional $125. Pssst, this print is also available up to an impressive 50″ x 50″ work of art! A beautiful and personal gift for the shore lover or your yourself…. I STILL have YET to get one of my very own Chaize pieces of work.

Apres Grande by Christian Chaize at 20 x 200

Hello Santa? Are you listening?

Hang Your ABC’s.

Looking for kids wall art ideas today and stumbled across this laser cut wooden alphabet art. I love the letters running together to form a diminutional yet one-peice work of art. Simple. Natural. Smart.

laser cut wooden letter alphabet

laser cut wooden letter alphabet wall children nursery design interior

Love the hanging tissue puffs!

A Consortium of Collecting Creatives.

I have to say I feel a familiar vibe with this group of skilled architects who together have started an experimentation on combining light and left over wood. Past times rich in memories of washed up drift wood and crusty shells has now became a symbol of collaboration. The three natives of Texas, New York and Switzerland – alumni of firms like Albert Kahn, Richard Meier and OMA  – are coming up with their own solutions using their skills in proportion, dimensions and assorted lighting elements. Creating sculpture along with illumination The result is pFlume. Up-cycling and uplifting. Turn it on.

P Flume wood lighting sculpture

wood recycle lamp lighting sculpture

wood recycle lamp lighting sculpture

What I Want Now! R&B Clyfford Still’s ‘Untitled’.

A touch of orange gets me going. Top it with creamy colors and a dollop of pale pink and I’m sold. Especially if it’s a larger piece of wall art. Focal point focal point. So, I’m really wanting to own this Clyfford Still serigraph “untitled, 1953. I adore the jagged flashes of color and how it still remains calm and unobtrusive. Plus, it’s under $500 framed in solid maple. At 41″H x 36″W it’s perfect above the sofa, the dining room sideboard or a cozy bed.

Clyfford Still, room and board, painting


A Collage By Any Other Name.

I came across this line of collage art inspired by vintage book pages and flash cards. There are an assortment of frames and object types to choose for the kids room, the office, entry hall or library. Denise Fiedler started Paste SF just last year and it’s already got a fan club – it’s got full-page press in the October issue of House Beautiful.


Wingchair, $95

Bertoia chair

Bertoia chair, $62

Dining chair, $65

Dining chair, $65

Chrysler building, $65

Chrysler building, $65

Leaning Tower of Pisa building, $65

Leaning Tower of Pisa building, $65

Poodle dog, $62

Poodle dog, $62

Terrier dog, $65

Terrier dog, $65

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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