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Project Mix @ MBD: Kiwi and Seafoam for Sara.

girls bedroom kiwi green and seafoam blue white

I am Fast Becoming a Pinning Machine.

This weekend, I have a lot of catching up to do on my social media side of life… networking and blogging of course. I’m fast becoming a pinning addict at Pinterest. It’s so darn easy to save a picture and link from any webpage. Much easier to organize then my piles of tear-sheets and tear-outs throughout my home and office. I also find it a great tool for my clients to pull together their own preferred tastes and style to help my design firm navigate specific projects with greater direction. It’s a Win Pin Win situation! For those of you “pinterested” in what’s on my Boards, check out my Pins!

megan blake megan shannon pinterest

Rise and Shine. Welcome to Sunday morning.

calm, tinw bed, bedroom, stripe, wall, sunburst mirror, art, canopy, cream, white, camel

Piñatas with Pop.

I came across these adorable handcrafted piñatas from Confetti Systems. I love the glamorous metallic and pastel gem shaped options offered from this boutique party supply brand (also check out the colorful tassel fringe and party jewelry!).  Perfect for any type of party (especially the grown up kind), these adorable surprises will surely take the cake. Designers… think about these as nursery decor. =)

Gold crystal piniata style party

Meteorite pink piñata style party

quartz cantaloupe piñata style party

quartz silver  piñata style party

And with every piñata, one needs a blindfold.

Silver and grey blindfold for the piñatas

Lady-Like Lumination.

The Olympics in jolly ‘ol England will be soon be coming to an end… but the UK has another show to stir up some global excitement – of course it’s in the interior design realm of events. Forget the famous flickering flame and the sophisticated fashion of the Dutchess… we’ve got or eyes on the lady-like light fixtures at Rothschild & Bickers who will be exhibiting at world-known interior design professional trade show Decorex in late September.

rothschild bickers lighting pendants glass

Combining traditional techniques with cutting edge design, the talented makers at Rothschild & Bickers use freeform glass to create visual treats at one of the last custom glass shops in England. Paired with the beautiful metal hardware to create stunning silhouettes, these hanging pendants are sure to dress up any bespoke space. Do as the English do. =)

bespoke glass pendants england rothschild and bickers

bespoke glass pendants england rothschild and bickers

Clear the Way for this Chair.

I love lucite. Just type “lucite” in my blogs search field and you’ll have a field day of posts to read. <wink>. This crystal clear material was introduced in the 1040’s and has been a hit material ever since for interior design furniture, accessories, and even art. I found this clean lined Invisibles Light Chair from Kartell. It’s cool, calm and mystical quality would work as an agent in any room. Add an eye-catching block printed or fur accent pillow as a seat and you’ve got an intriguing place to have a seat.

thick lucite accent arm chair

cube chair lucite acrylic clear

lucite chair

First Steps. At High Point!

This is an inaugural year for me. This weekend, I took Megan Blake Design to High Point Furniture Market, joining the masses of designers, architects, and industry folk spreading across the city and surrounding areas for five days of new furniture and accessory introductions and a-whole-lot-of-walking. They say that the first impression is the most memorable, and I think this might ring true. The first showroom we set our happy feet in was Hickory Chair. *OMG!* The new line for this year is absolutely astounding. The attention to detail, various new finishes (loving the French Gray!), and every inch of customization available is to walk your feet off for. I love this company!

hickory chair showroom high point NC 2012

*more images to come – ssllooooww connection here at Camp MBD High Point! *

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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