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iPhone Leather Back in Black. Or Tan. How about Green.

Here’s to the *new* iPhone back cover – the Valentine Leather Back. I love the idea of a seamless leather surface on the iPhone. So rich. So timeless. Now that my rubber and plastic Apple iPhone bumper is finally breaking (yeah, what’s up with that?), I might consider something a little more streamlined, organic, and textural. Valentine sells a large assortment of premium grade leathers offering a broad range of color, texture and finish. The pressure sensitive adhesive backs are simple to apply and leave no residue upon removal. Plus, they are made in good ‘ol NYC. Another bonus is they fit seamlessly under the apple iPhone 4 bumper. Just in case.

Valentine iPhone leather cover back

Solar Chandelier of Blues and Butterflies.

Butterflies use the sun to get those wings flapping… as does this Virtue of Blue solar chandelier by Dutch artist and designer Jeroen Verhoeven. Beautifully made up of 500 die cut sapphire photovoltaic solar cells in the shape of four different breeds of fluttering butterflies, this is self-sufficient light fixture – gathering light into its wings during the day for a soft glow at night. Hanging gracefully from the ceiling, the delicate shade encircles a glass bulb that’s charged by the suns rays during the day to cast a sultry blue glow after sunset.

blue butterfly solar chandelier

blue butterfly solar chandelier
Virtue of Blue chandelier is part of a solo exhibit called The Curious Image on display now at London Gallery. If you are in the UK.

Perky Packaging.

You’ve gotta love Victoria Secret. They have loads of summer bikini’s in a fruit bowl of color combinations, a yearly fashion show for both boys and girls, and a weekly mailbox full of sale catalogs and circulars. A bit much sometimes. However, I found this super sweet and colorful package for the Limited-Edition Wild Tropics Lip Shine and immediately saved it to my *color palette* folder. A touch of neon on a long rectangular box frames the deep plums, golds, ocean blue, algae greens, and fuchsia pinks. It’s pretty. And the lipstick will say the same for your pout once you twist the cap and put it on. I’ve ordered it in Rock Me and will let you know how tropical it looks. It better transport me to a rockin’ beach. So should that new bikini. After I sift yet another edition of the VS catalog.

colorful packaging from Victoria Secret

A Mothers Day Late, But Still Adorable.

Mothers Day Card

DIY Outdoor Game of Chess.

It’s outdoor time and half of you are potting new lavender petunias (fav color) or laying herringbone brick paths (fav pattern). My urban patio is perfectly primed for warm weather chhiilliin’ but if I actually had a lawn to mow, I’d be spending next weekend preparing my garden game of chess. Got a lawn and no plans? Go here, here, and here to have classy game K+night outdoors fit for a queen and kind.

outdoor garden game of chess

Learn how to set up the perfect chess board layout considering the lightness of the design, view from the side, seating, and storage for the pieces at A simple layout diagram is shown below.

outdoor chess set diagram

And don’t forget the playing pieces and benches. I love the beautiful upscale teak forms add natural vibes to a check board pattern.

teak chess pieces

Not into the game but looking for an artistic touch? Check out Grandin’ Roads Chess Yard Art for their Stonecast beauties.

stone cast chess pieces art

Check mate.

Aquamarine Dream.

I want this! Really want this! Handcrafted in Argentina in the 1940’s, this vintage chandelier from Belvedere was restrung with Aquamarine beading and finished with a glazed silver leaf. I love the blues and greens, especially coming up on beach season. Only one available! Get it before the surf rolls in!

vintage aquamarine chandelier belvedere

vintage aquamarine chandelier belvedere

vintage aquamarine chandelier belvedere

Just a Thought.

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