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Cru Vin Dogs.

So I opened up the June issue of Town & Country magazine and aside from the gaggles of diamonds and fancy watches dripping from spread after spread, there, nestled in the fold of the spine is a short article called Lets Drink to the Dogs. Now I like that. Sure! Anyone can do so and donate to a cause at the same time. With the wines from Cru Vin Dogs, at least 10 percent of the proceeds go to charities like Canine Companions for Independence. Check out their catalog here.

Gerrman shorthaired BIS 003sm

The Denver-based group procures grapes from California and elsewhere and offers seven limited-edition bottles, featuring renderings of gorgeous dogs. They’ll look great sitting in the kitchen or right at home in the dog house, stashed in your fancy wine closet. Try the Best in Show Cabernet or the Golden Retriver Chardonnay. Where’s the German Shepherd in all of this? And the Pinot Grigio? Anyway, bottoms up and down dog. Cheers to good times, good finds, and good hearts.

bloodhound front

yogi front

A Full Plate Looks Great.

Drawing inspiration from aspects of everyday life, Brooklyn-based multi-media artist, Jason Miller, re-imagines ordinary objects, transforming them from the commonplace into arresting creations. Included in the Museum of Art & Design’s current exhibition Object Factory II: The Art of Industrial Ceramics, Jason’s porcelain series “Seconds” is available for sale in The Store.


I love the sense of one part “dinner at Grandma’s house” and the other part “flea market find”. Jason’s creativity stems from his tenure as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather and as a designer for Karim Rashid. Dinner is served and this makes it easy to tell when the meat touched the beans.



This is Trés Awesome.

This is awesome!

Heavy Mexican Metal.

When I began my tenure at the interior design firm where I am still employed (thank the heavens), my resourceful self came across a line of furniture that was unique in style, very hand-crafted in looks, and simple in form. A specific dining chair caught my attention and because of this perfect find, eight upholstered peices now take residence in the dining room of one of our clients homes. This side chair, called the Opera, is made by artisans at Mexico based Casamidy.

Opera Side Chair

Opera Side Chair

Started in 1998 by two designers, Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada, Casamidy is the result of a need for creative exploration and a joint visit to Hermes. Months after that visit, the two moved to Mexico to become immersed in the use of metals, leathers and fabrics that make up much of the numerous furniture and accessory lines.

Hospicio Lantern

Hospicio Lantern

Inspired by areas tiles, locations, and vista throughout the world, Anne-Marie and Jorge employ top iron-smiths to fabricate their ideas into long-lasting and one of my favorite furniture lines now favored among top interior designers and home decor magazines across the world.

Ixelles Wing Chair

Ixelles Wing Chair

Leather Strap Detail

Leather Strap Detail

St. Paul Side Chair in Paille

St. Paul Side Chair in Paille

Paille Detail

Paille Detail

Punta Maroma Chaise

Punta Maroma Chaise

Altavista Round Mirror

Altavista Round Mirror

Nick Olsen ‘Goes Big’ in the Post.

Well known young and successful decorator Nick Olsen is featured in the Washington Post news paper Home & Garden section in an article titled “A Budget Decorator’s Advice: Go Big, Splurge on Accessories”. Thank you Nick for giving me permission to scour aisles in discount shops and the addictive online home marketplaces.

Nick Olsen

At age 27, Nick is working two shifts – his own design jobs as well as assisting New York Interior Designer Miles Redd, where he says his job responsibilities include “everything from taking Windex around and being a window cleaner to writing all the proposals for an 11,000-square-foot house, to managing entire projects. Whatever needs to be done.” That sounds very very familiar to my world and the design work that I absolutely love.

Nick Olsen Living Room

Nick offers writer Terry Sapienza from the Post his insight in designing on a dime but ultimately giving your home the look of luxury. In his new blog, creatively entitled Nick Olsen – Decorating for the next Great Depression, he shares with the world his point of view and his best ideas. Read more about his interview with Terry and learn a few cool things here.

Over 1 Million Apples on this Tree.

I love Macs and even more so, the great news and publicity all of the fantastic new products and updates receiving. Welcome iPhone 3Gs (of which I do not qualify for under my contract until later this year). Boooohoooo. But good luck Steve Jobs with getting your optimum health back! Now, do I want a 13″ or a 15″ MacBook Pro?

K-Smart Design. Now Playing.

Kmart just released, a site that provides insights into the company’s design process for apparel and home products through a series of documentary shorts shot in the retailers’ design offices in Chicago and New York as well as on the road in London and Paris. The footage includes a series of unscripted documentaries and profiles of our designers. Everyone needs to be creative for market share these days. Blue light special anyone?

Picture 2

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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