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Design on a Shoestring.

I just read a fantastic article in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times. With a curving-upward-yet-slowly economy, learning that others are finding ways to get great interior design through creative channels is inspirational. I think the London home of graphic designer Russell Lewis and design store assistant Gemma Ahem is earthy pop eccentric. Their talents are visible in the choice of typography accents, painted walls, and European prints. With a pooled savings of just over $10,000, they managed to make major changes to their pad in just under a year. Read more…







Carolina Blue Sky.

I snapped this one of a sunset last week in Outer Banks, NC. I love the colors and the contrast between dark land, fiery horizon and blue sky.

OBX Sunset small

Happy Little Gal.

Just want to share a Memorial Day Parade picture of my adorable niece Julia. Gotta love that happy face!


Shining a Light on Hudson.

Hudson Furniture, a great great design resource in New York City for top of the line furniture and accesories, has just released a line of light fixtures from designer Vincenzo Cotiis. I’m not completely sure how I feel about it personally, but nonetheless a pleasant mix of mid-century meets industrial meets spaceship. 

Hudson 1
Basic RGB

Basic RGB

Basic RGB

Book Shopin’.

And Beige, a delightful interior design retail store in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC has so many great peices to drool over and select for discerning clients. I had to pop in this morning to pick up some fabric samples for a clients upholstered bed. While waiting for Daren to wrap the samples up in clean sheets of dark gold color tissue paper, I was eyeing a few hardcover books related to interior design. I love Jeffrey Bilhuber and found Defining Luxury: The Qualities of Life at Home to be a keeper. I am putting this new one on this years Christmas List. The pictures inside are so lovely, glamourous, timeless, and sophisticated. Looks good on any coffee table or bookshelf. A great design resource. 


Sliding House.

Imagine being able to pull a “blanket” over your house to keep out the light, to insulate, or to protect you and loved ones from outdoor elements. A firm in London called dRMM made this happen with layers of roofing and walls. Check it out here!

Picture 1

EcoChic Clutches.

There is sweet nostalgia in the Mad Imports line of clutches sold at Spirit Beauty Lounge. Maybe the raffia reminds me of my mom’s sophisticated blue-green clutch that she carried  around on her trips to Maui in the 1980’s. I love the wooden accent buttons and the fact that it’s a Fair Trade item made in Madagascar. So exotic. So fresh. So pretty.

Mad Imports | Carmen Clutch in Punch | $89

Mad Imports | Carmen Clutch in Punch | $89

Mad Imports | Opal Clutch in Multi | $75

Mad Imports | Opal Clutch in Multi | $75

Mad Imports | Gigi Clutch in Ocean | $79 (like moms!)

Mad Imports | Gigi Clutch in Ocean | $79 (like moms!)

I’m all dressed up and ready for a warm night on the town. Cell phone, ID, money and pretty clutch. Let’s go!

Dwell in this Playroom.

Dwell Magazine is featuring a fantastic slideshow (slthough very brief) on interior design and its beautiful and very functionally modern take on the playroom for kids. I love the outdoor teepee! Check it out!

Picture 4

Placemat Sale.

I just found this placemat for sale at Calvin Klein. I like it. Equally cute at the beach, under vintage cut crystal glasses at the formal table, or as a cover up for an old bedside table. Pretty corn color and washed pale blue-green. Place that in your shopping cart!

Skyline Linen by Calvin Klein for only $8.80

Skyline Linen by Calvin Klein for only $8.80

Skyline Ocean by Calvin Klein for only $8.80!

Skyline Ocean by Calvin Klein for only $8.80!

Wall to Wall Whiteboard.

Who here hates the sound of chalk running across a blackboard? I do. Instead, slather on your biggest dreams and inspirations with IdeaPaint. It’s an inexpensive whiteboard-like wall paint. It allows you to transform any smooth surface into a hi-quality whiteboard, be it a wall, desk, cabinet, or whatever!


Each kit will cover 50 square feet of space and comes with a special roller to apply the paint. Ideapaint has won three awards at Neocon and the hearts of innovators and creative doodlers everywhere. I want a can…White away.


Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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