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Wrapped in British Rapture.

My search for beautiful wallpapers and fabrics is endless. Endless. I love shocking prints and anything out of the ordinary. So I came to a screaching halt when I found something actually kind of ordinary and big. Enter Rapture & Wright. Brilliant I exclaimed! Rapture and Wright began in 2002 when Rebecca Aird and Peter Thwaites designed and hand-printed their first collection of fabrics and wallpapers in a local barn. As their website claims, “The philosophy behind Rapture and Wright is to be 100% British”. Its true. And kinda selfishly cool. The cloth is woven in the UK. Designs are conceived and handprinted in the UK. And old school UK skills are used in the making. One look at the uplifting patterns, pretty hues, and generous selection, will lead you into rapture too.






Emma Livingston.

Dwell Magazine’s current issue features a page write up on Argentine photographer Emma Livingston. In her most recent portfolio, Emma shows us her perspective on the singled out urban tree. Simply named ‘Tree Portraits’, her portfolio is intriguing and refreshing with a sense of tension (maybe a bit sad as these struggling trees are singled out with no others nearby to lean on). In any case, a contrast exists between green growth and the cold concrete, worn brick, and deteriorating mortar – and this makes it photo worthy.





Dinner by Teak Candlelight.

New York Times recently ran a post about morphing teak candlesticks that exude a retro earthy vibe. Global Table sells them. Every table deserves these Mayfair Teak Candlesticks. I can see a set gracing a white marble table top or flanking a modern condo mantel. The price is just as reasonable at $24, $28, and $30. Grab all three for under $100. Purchase three white tapers and with a flick of the Zippo…. dinner is served.

Mayfair Candlesticks

Happy Easter!


White. Bright. Delight.

I spotted these ceramic candle holders in the home department at Nordstrom. For only $46 total, these two modern and refreshing forms are an excellent gift for a new homeowner or to keep for yourself. See the light!

Rock On’ Mon!

I’m always distracted by beautiful things. So naturally I was in awe when I arrived to the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril Jamaica. I had read so many great reviews about the resort located on the cliffs so when planning to find a place to soak in the sun, I signed this one up. Constructed of stone and literally hanging on the cliffs over clear blue waters, this stylish resort made it on my favorites list.

Entrance to Rockhouse

Entrance to Rockhouse

The Villas at the Rockhouse

The Villas at the Rockhouse

Entrance to Villa

Entrance to Villa

Private terrace and room with wide water views

Private terrace and room with wide water views

Flowers all over the resort

Flowers all over the resort

Morning view

Morning view

Say Cherry!

Okay, so I finally visited the famed Cherry Blossoms in DC and have to report that they were gorgeous! I snapped about 100 photos (I do get carried away with the photos -thank the heavens and the smarty-pants for digital). The Tidal Basin was so crowded and the weather was so nice. The traffic however was so unwelcome. Think about a weekday visit if you plan to pop into DC next year.

Just a Thought.

"A person should design the way he makes a living, around how he wishes to make a life" — Charlie Byrd

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